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About Us

INDICALOUD is all about quality, compliant and consistent products. We utilize hemp derived delta 8 THC as our super ingredient, giving an unmatched experience for those looking to get their head in the clouds without the fog.

Our Story

Indicaloud’s Delta 8 products are sourced and produced in the U.S. Our Premium Delta 8 infused flower is derived from the finest CBG flower, CBD flower, and Delta 8 distillate in the market. We use our high-end distillates to coat our premium CBG and CBD flower, providing an amazing experience. Our D8 products are small-batch and infused by hand to ensure consistency and quality in every production.

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Our Mission – High Quality, Fully Compliant Cannabis Products

Indicaloud makes high-quality, compliant Delta 8 THC products available for sale across the United States. Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid derived from hemp plants that provides similar effects as traditional cannabis, such as stimulating appetite and reducing pain and anxiety, without the added feeling of paranoia that some THC users experience from traditional cannabis. The popular cannabinoid was legalized after the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018 and is currently legal in 39 states.

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Our Values – Dare to Compare

We’ve carefully sourced the highest quality Delta 8 on the market to utilize in our premium products. With full seed to sale tracking, we can ensure compliance for all Indicaloud products, further confirmed with batch COAs. Our class leading disposable vape and carts have some of the highest D8 concentrations you will find which we then pair with premium terpenes to provide an unmatched experience. Our gummies contain an optimal dose of 25mg D8 and with our fanatical approach to creating only the highest quality products you will always know what you’re getting. Indicaloud products are designed with precision in mind, giving an unmatched experience for those looking to get their head in the clouds, without the fog.

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