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  • Pack of vape cartridges in Gram

    The Amazing Vapeist
    A Most Perfect Vape Collection


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  • Indamouth edible bundle Best Selling edibles

    Indamouth edible bundle
    Best Selling edibles


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    The Day Tripper
    Saturdays are For Sativas


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  • Pack of delta 8 products

    Now I know my THCS
    New to Cannabis, Start Here


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  • The Loud Cloud
    For The Smokers and The Tokers


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  • The Indacouch 2

    The Indacouch
    Indica Lovers Unite


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Are you a cannabis fan looking for the perfect combination of hemp-based products to add to your cart? Below is a compiled list of some of Indacloud’s top bundles that have been appropriately created with the right ingredients to blow your mind.

Our Bundles

Some of our popular bundles are:

Now I Know My THCS – New to Cannabis, Start Here.

Beginners may find this bundle helpful when starting their cannabis journey. Since there is no universally agreed-upon “optimal” method of getting high, here is a great option to investigate your tolerance and pick out what you like.

This package includes a vaporizer (vape), gummies, pre-rolls, and a very special edible delicacy. There is no doubt that they are all excellent, but opinions differ about which is the best. Put them to the test and tell us what you think.

Indamouth Edible Bundle – Best-Selling Edibles

While we offer the best in every category, we would like to draw special attention to these edibles for just a moment. We spent so much time on these delectable delicacies that we would be considered obsessive.

One of the best things about these edibles is that you can easily adjust the dosage to get any desired level of intoxication. The lesser doses are wonderful for unwinding, while the greater doses are ideal for getting some serious sleep.

The Indacouch Indica Lovers Unite

You’ll be “in da couch” after smoking these perfectly potent Indica strains. Get some snacks and drinks together and settle in on the couch. You won’t be going anywhere besides the fridge and back to the couch. We selected the finest goods available to maximize the enjoyable high from different Indica strains. 

The Loud Cloud – For The Smokers and The Tokers

Smokers love high-quality cannabis and absurdly low prices, so this bundle is perfect for them. With four extremely potent pre-rolls and 10 grams of flower or Moon Rocks, this package has enough cannabis to hotbox a small concert hall. Take pleasure in smoking goods that are very refined and produce an ideal high every time.

The Amazing Vapeist – A Most Perfect Vape Collection

You’ve probably heard many wild stories and have many questions about vaping, but do you really want to know the answers? Take a look at some of Indacloud’s vapes if your answer is yes. By the time you’ve used up all four of our carts, covering everything from HHC to THC-O to Delta 8, you’ll have a veritable doctorate in vaping cannabis in its various forms. Both new and experienced vapers can anticipate three distinct highs, all of which share an extraordinary feeling of bliss.

The Day Tripper – Saturdays are For Sativas

Sativas have a stimulating vibe that allows you to keep up with your social life and daily activities. Due to their uniqueness, it’s like a cross between a regular high and a good cup of coffee. They are best saved for daytime enjoyment. In order for you to maintain your level of productivity throughout the day without waning, we’ve put together a list of our top four favorite midday products.