How Delta 8 Oil and Distillate is Made

Vape carts filled with cannabinoid oil or distillate are one of the most popular ways of consuming Delta 8 THC. Learn how the cannabis vaporizer and distillate production process works with Indicaloud products.

Cannabinoid oil and distillates fill the Delta 8 vape carts, but do you know what makes up the material you’re vaping? A cannabis distillate cart is a highly refined oil containing pure cannabinoids, terpenes, and nothing else. A big upside to using distillates in vape cartridges is that the oil can be produced from a range of starting materials such as hemp flower. These are the basics on how carts are made from seed to sale.

What are Delta 8 THC Oils and Distillates?

Cannabis distillates and oils are extracts in which the final product has been systematically stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid such as Delta 8 THC. Distillate is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges, and typically lacks any flavor, taste, or aroma although it’s a potent oil that can be used on its own or infused in other cannabis products or goods. Delta 8 THC distillate is one of the most common forms of distillate on the market.

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Cannabinoid Oil Production: How it’s Made

Delta8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid present in small concentrations within both hemp and marijuana plants. Indicaloud uses industry-leading methods such as selective breeding, distillation, and molecular isolation to create concentrates that are rich in Delta 8.

Extracting Delta 8 from cannabis to create a product potent enough to produce noticeable effects is quite technical. Delta 8 THC distillate is created by utilizing vacuum, temperature manipulation, and scientific equipment to convert CBD to Delta-8. The end result is achieving a high level of purity and potency, found across Indicaloud products, that serves as an efficient way to experience Delta 8 THC in its most distilled form. 


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