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American Pie
WTF Series
3 Grams

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An unruly and provocative experience. This edgy cult classic coming of age story turned into a cannabis experience can bring all of us adults back for a little hit of nostalgia. Let us clarify that we don’t mean getting caught using pies as means of physical pleasure but rather the thrill of a new and edgy adventure. This kick-ass 3 gram disposable vape is a perfectly balanced Hybrid great for day or night, it will leave you grinning ear to ear. You’ll taste some incredible succulent cherry pie notes with a hint of citrus.


Knockout Blend - THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP, CBN


3 Grams

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

WTF Series

The only thing a large naked man, unicorn poop and American Pie have in common is the statement that will come out of your mouth… “WTF?” This series is appropriately titled WTF not just for its wacky flavor and strain combinations but for the incredibly strong mix of cannabinoids used in our Knockout Blend. We’ve pushed everything about this series to the absolute limit, with absurd names, crazy strong effects, and our first ever 3-gram disposable. Each of these 3 WTF series disposable vapes now come with 3 grams of our custom formulated and ultra strong Knock-out Blend, containing rare and potent cannabinoids such as THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP and CBN.


We got high,
We liked it, here,
is why

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aesthetically Geeky
Smooth and Sweet

I got the American Pie WTF Series 3 Grams and this hands down has been my favorite disposable tape I've gotten in the last couple years. No clogs, smooth as hell, and don't even need a big puff to feel great. Will definitely be getting more of this flavor!

Erik D
Smack'n Smack'n

Flavor-bility is beautiful and harmoniously pairs well with the 9lb Hammer you'll get Graped 🍇

Heather Thurston

The thing I didn't care for was it does clog alot and it's very harsh. Other than that, it does get you high, but I like the psychedelic series better. Much smoother. Wish there was a more vape cart selection other than delta 8.

Brian Truesdell
Great item

Nice pull!! very effective!! 10 mins later feeling really good. Will buy again

Dorian Cobb

American Pie WTF Series 3 Grams

Frequently asked questions

What flavors can I expect from the American Pie WTF Series vape?

The American Pie WTF Series vape offers a flavor profile that has been masterfully curated to provide a truly distinctive taste experience. Emulating the beloved taste of succulent cherry pie with a tantalizing hint of citrus, this vape brings a touch of nostalgia and indulgence to every draw. With these flavors, the American Pie WTF Series doesn't just deliver a vapor; it provides an evocative journey through a landscape of uniquely captivating and invigorating tastes, making every puff a sensory delight.

How would you describe the effects of using the American Pie WTF Series vape?

The effects of using the American Pie WTF Series vape are designed to be as engaging and dynamic as the product's name suggests. This hybrid vape is engineered for daytime and nighttime use, providing a balanced journey that offers relaxation and invigoration. Its distinct Knockout Blend of cannabinoids produces a potent sensation that will leave users pleasantly relaxed and refreshingly uplifted. This combination is a testament to Indacloud's meticulous product development, delivering a product that achieves harmony between relaxation and invigoration.

How does the American Pie WTF Series ensure its product quality?

Quality assurance for the American Pie WTF Series vape is rigorous and thorough. By utilizing multi-stage lab testing before and after production, Indacloud ensures that every cartridge meets the highest possible standards. This rigorous testing process checks for purity, potency, and the absence of harmful contaminants, resulting in a product that users can trust for its quality, safety, and consistency. Such a commitment to quality ensures the American Pie WTF Series vape lives up to Indacloud's reputation for premium products.

What is the size of the American Pie WTF Series vape?

The American Pie WTF Series vape is remarkable in its size, offering a generous volume of 3 grams. This abundance ensures users can enjoy an extended vaping experience, enabling longer sessions of relaxation and enjoyment. Indacloud's dedication to delivering this generous volume signifies a commitment to customer satisfaction. It provides incredible value for vape enthusiasts who appreciate the lasting pleasure of a larger-volume cartridge.

What unique cannabinoids are present in the Knockout Blend of the American Pie WTF Series?

The American Pie WTF Series' Knockout Blend combines a powerful mix of cannabinoids, each contributing to the overall experience. This exclusive blend comprises THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP, and CBN - all rare and potent cannabinoids that produce a robust and immersive vaping experience. This blend sets the American Pie WTF Series apart, crafting an experience that is as powerful as it is unique.

How does the WTF Series, including the American Pie, differentiate from other series in the market?

The WTF Series, including American Pie, sets itself apart from other series in the market by pushing the boundaries of expectation. Its distinctive flavor pairings, generous 3-gram size, and the potent Knockout Blend of cannabinoids make it a unique offering. This series embodies the desire to explore new horizons in vaping experiences, pushing the envelope with its audacious names and powerful effects and pioneering the first-ever 3-gram disposable vape format.

Is the American Pie WTF Series vape lab-tested for quality and safety?

Yes. The American Pie WTF Series vape is meticulously lab-tested for quality and safety. The multi-stage testing process, which occurs before and after production, ensures that each product delivers the high standard of quality and safety that Indacloud is known for. These tests ensure the product's purity, confirm the cannabinoid content, and certify the absence of harmful contaminants.

What is the proper method to use and store the American Pie WTF Series vape?

The American Pie WTF Series vape is easy to use. Simply draw on the device for it to activate, without needing to press any buttons. To maximize its longevity and maintain optimal flavor, it's best to store it upright in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and high humidity. This proper storage will keep the device in peak condition and fresh flavors.

Who can use the American Pie WTF Series vape, beginners or experienced users?

The American Pie WTF Series vape is intended for adult users and is suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. However, given its potent Knockout Blend of cannabinoids, novice users should approach it with a start-low-and-go-slow mentality. Gradually adjusting usage based on personal comfort and experience will ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.

Why is the American Pie WTF Series part of the WTF series by Indacloud?

The American Pie WTF Series vape is part of Indacloud's WTF series because it shares the defining characteristics of this boundary-pushing line. With a memorable name that matches its unforgettable flavor and effects, the large 3-gram format, and the potent mix of rare cannabinoids in the Knockout Blend, this vape is in perfect alignment with the WTF Series' mission of delivering vaping experiences that are bold, exciting, and supremely satisfying.