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Electric Cool-aid
Psychedelic Series
2 Grams

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OH YEAH! Get ready to smash through the walls of reality with this electrifyingly delicious and potent vape. This Hybrid disposable is a serious zinger, it will be a delicious shock to your taste buds and an electrifyingly great sensation for the rest of your body. Enjoy the perfected flavor combination of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut providing a great balance of relaxing tropical flavors with some incredible uplifting effects.


Trippy Blend - THCb, THCh, D6, D11, PHC


2 Grams

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

Psychedelic Series

One of the number one questions we get asked is “what are your strongest products?” Just as the name suggests, these are strong enough that they border on being psychedelic. We took the most insane blend of cannabinoids possible, coined the named Trippy Blend and pushed the boundaries of our collective consciousness. With an absolutely absurd 2 gram mixture of THCb, THCh, D6, D11 and PHC we developed three stand out disposable vapes. From a Fantasy Candy Factory, to the world’s most famous LSD strain, and a massive jug of popular sugary watery beverage screaming OH YEAH! We’ve got the experience so many of you have asked for.


We got high,
We liked it, here,
is why

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brandon Martin

Electric Cool-aid Psychedelic Series 2 Grams

Worth a try (3.5 stars)

Well-made hardware (the insanely intricate stoner packaging must add to the price, but it's par for the market and doesn't -look- cheap). After months am still not sure what to make of this, but the blend adds a noticeable change of pace when my OG tolerance hits a ceiling, and there is a mind-altering quality - a lot subtler, and at times it's almost like a palate refresher. The flavor is starting to fade over months, but it was tasty until very recently (I didn't think to put a cap over it until a month ago).
Unfortunately, seems like my liver rudely ignores all canna edibles, but maybe they'll market tinctures one day :).

Great product

I think it's great!!!! Gets me through my days alot better!!!!

Justice Franklin

They aren't kidding when they say this is the strongest stuff they have and I've never once had a pen with a good after taste honestly I might start trying the other flavors too

Insanely Tasty

Love the flavor! The device has improved over the months as well. I also got the grape funta gummies. They’re in my regular rotation now. Forex and Indacloud. A recipe for MADD GAINS

Frequently asked questions

What unique flavors can I expect from the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series?

The Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series brings a vibrant palette of unique tropical flavors to the table. Users will appreciate the expertly balanced watermelon, strawberry, and coconut notes. This trifecta of tastes creates a harmonious blend that offers a sweet and tangy profile. As you inhale, the succulent essence of watermelon fuses with the fresh and fruity notes of strawberries, perfectly complemented by a dash of tropical coconut. This mouth-watering mix offers an exhilarating flavor that accentuates the powerful psychoactive experience, enhancing the overall vaping enjoyment. The Electric Cool-Aid creates a sensation of savoring a tropical cocktail on an exotic beach, immersing you in an atmosphere of leisurely relaxation.

What is the size of the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series product?

The Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series vape comes packed with 2 grams of the distinctive Trippy Blend. This generous sizing ensures that users have enough product for repeated uses, making it ideal for those seeking a robust vaping experience, whether for daily relaxation or for more special, leisurely occasions. Despite its large capacity, the vape maintains a compact and sleek design that makes it perfect for carrying around. The convenience of portability means you can take your favorite powerful psychedelic experience anywhere you go, making it a truly worthy addition to your vape collection.

How does the Trippy Blend in Electric Cool-Aid differ from other blends?

The Trippy Blend featured in the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series is a carefully crafted mix of potent cannabinoids designed to deliver a distinctly potent experience. Unlike standard blends, it includes THCb, THCh, D6, D11, and PHC. This concoction is developed to elevate the psychoactive effects, moving beyond the ordinary to provide an intense, almost psychedelic experience. This potent blend is further enhanced by the unique tropical flavors of the vape, ensuring the Electric Cool-Aid stands out for its potent and sensory-stimulating effects.

What cannabinoids are included in the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series?

The Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series is formulated with an exclusive Trippy Blend, a rich mix of potent cannabinoids that includes THCb, THCh, D6, D11, and PHC. These specific cannabinoids were selected for their known psychoactive properties, contributing to the product's intense, almost psychedelic experience. Each puff from this vape delivers these potent cannabinoids smoothly, making the Electric Cool-Aid a perfect choice for users seeking an exceptional, intense experience that's far from the norm.

Can you describe the effects of using the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series?

Users can anticipate a deeply intense and electrifying experience when using the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series. Thanks to its high-potency Trippy Blend of cannabinoids, this vape imparts a near-psychedelic effect. Users often report experiencing a powerful cerebral high, enhanced sensory perception, and a deeply introspective journey. It may stimulate creativity and reduce stress, all while maintaining a relaxing undercurrent. This product is like a roller coaster ride for your senses, where the ups and downs are equally exhilarating, making for an unforgettable vaping session.

How is product quality ensured for the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series?

At Indacloud, we prioritize product quality and safety. For our Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series, we ensure the highest quality through stringent, multi-stage lab testing processes before and after production. We collaborate with independent third-party labs to ensure every product is thoroughly examined for its purity, potency, and absence of contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Only products that meet our rigorous quality standards make it to the consumers. We believe in complete transparency; customers can access these lab reports for added peace of mind.

What makes the Psychedelic Series from Indacloud stand out in the market?

The Psychedelic Series from Indacloud is truly a class apart. It stands out in the market because of its high potency, unique cannabinoid blend, generous sizing, and distinctive flavor profiles. The Electric Cool-Aid, a star of this series, offers a near-psychedelic experience courtesy of the potent Trippy Blend of cannabinoids. Its exceptional 2-gram size ensures a long-lasting product, and the unique blend of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut flavors makes each puff a delight. Most importantly, the assurance of multi-stage lab testing reinforces the product's quality and safety. When experiencing a truly immersive vape session, the Psychedelic Series by Indacloud sets the gold standard.

Are the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series products lab tested?

Yes. Indacloud ensures the highest quality and safety standards for all its products, including the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series. We perform multi-stage lab testing, pre, and post-production, to confirm the potency and purity of our unique cannabinoid blends. Independent third-party labs conduct these tests to ensure objectivity and precision. The lab tests also confirm that our products are free of harmful substances like pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. We believe in transparency and make these lab reports available to customers to reinforce our commitment to quality and safety.

How should I properly use and store the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series vape?

The Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series vape is user-friendly and can be used simply by inhaling from the device. For optimal results, fully charge the vape before using it. In terms of storage, keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain its potency and flavor profile. Always ensure the vape is stored in its child-resistant packaging when not in use, and keep it out of reach of children and pets. For the best experience, we recommend using the vape within one year of purchase to ensure maximum potency and optimal flavor.

Is the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series suitable for both beginners and experienced users?

While the Electric Cool-Aid Psychedelic Series is designed to provide a potent, near-psychedelic experience, it can be enjoyed by both novices and seasoned users. However, its high cannabinoid content means novice users should proceed with caution. Newcomers should start with smaller puffs to gauge their tolerance and adjust accordingly. As always, responsible usage is encouraged. Seasoned users familiar with potent products will appreciate this vape's unique, intense effects. It’s a versatile product offers an exceptional experience for all, as long as it's used responsibly and appropriately.