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Nerdy Pebbles
HHC Vape Cartridge
1 Gram


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This is candy for adults, and you’ve earned it. This awesome hybrid strain is well blended to be euphoric and thought provoking. Nerdy Pebbles makes for great companionship on a nice walk to let your mind drift off to your happy place. We will also note that it tastes like nerds… So yes, it is incredible.

  • Product Amount
    Amount of HHC
    Approx. 920 mg of HHC and Botanical Terpenes
  • Product Size / Volume
    1 Gram
  • Product Quality
    Product Quality
    All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

HHC Cart

These HHC cartridges contain some of the most potent HHC concentrates on the market. Customers have been enjoying HHC due its similarity to a Delta 9 high, offering a great form of relaxation and happiness without the paranoia or couch-lock. HHC is often described as a more active and social version of classic Delta 9 and has become a quick preference for many. These carts come in a variety of three very unique terpene infused-flavors and contain one gram each.

Ceramic Coil – Smooth Draw – Custom Design – Natural Terpenes – Premium HHC Distillate – No fillers or cutting agents – Child Resistant Packaging

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Customer Reviews

Based on 369 reviews
Charles Fink
Very smooth

This is a very enjoyable product, puts you in a very relaxed state and there is no harsh burn when inhaling. It's now one of my favorite vapes.

Vera Ruiz

Did not work what do i do now

Jaiyda Drake

amazing flavor and lasts long with low charging time .
Note : it doesn’t come with a charger

Larry Mahan
O my

Great taste and buzz!! Highly recommend,

Juan B Garza jr

Blue Dream
HHC Disposable Vape Pen
1 Gram

Frequently asked questions

What is Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge?

The Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge is a premium cannabis product designed for those who enjoy the art of vaping. It represents a unique blend of euphoria-inducing and thought-provoking hybrid strains known as Nerdy Pebbles, delivering an exceptional experience akin to adult candy. This cartridge doesn't merely offer a high; it transports the user to their happy place with its unique, nerd candy-like taste. It is part of a broad, high-quality product range from Indacloud, a trusted provider of cannabis-related items.

How much HHC does the Nerdy Pebbles vape cartridge contain?

Each Nerdy Pebbles vape cartridge contains approximately 920 mg of HHC and botanical terpenes to provide a rich, immersive vaping experience. The high HHC concentration ensures a robust and enjoyable session for users, embodying the spirit of the Nerdy Pebbles hybrid strain. This quantity positions the cartridge as a potent contender in the cannabis market, designed for those who prefer a full, satisfying vaping journey.

What are the flavor profiles of the Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge?

The Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge presents a delectably unique flavor profile. As the enticing name suggests, it tantalizes the taste buds with a flavor reminiscent of nerd candies. The cartridge is infused with botanical terpenes that enhance the overall flavor and contribute to a superior vaping experience. It's a harmonious blend that keeps users coming back for its distinctive and pleasing taste.

What quality measures does Indacloud take for their Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge?

Indacloud is deeply committed to delivering premium quality products to its users. This commitment is evident in their Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge production. Each product undergoes a multi-stage lab testing process, implemented both before and after production. This ensures a consistent and high-quality experience for users. It also ensures the absence of any impurities and validates the listed HHC concentration, confirming the premium product quality.

How is the HHC experience of Nerdy Pebbles different from a classic Delta 9 high?

While Delta 9 is known for its intense effects that can sometimes induce paranoia or couch-lock, Nerdy Pebbles HHC offers a more balanced experience. The high is often likened to a Delta 9 high but without the potential drawbacks. It is designed to provide relaxation and happiness, making it ideal for social and active scenarios. The Nerdy Pebbles HHC experience is a more nuanced, manageable, and enjoyable form of the classic Delta 9 high.

How does the Ceramic Coil in the Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge enhance my vaping experience?

The inclusion of a Ceramic Coil in the Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge significantly amplifies the vaping experience. Ceramic Coils ensure a smoother draw compared to traditional coils, offering a more seamless and enjoyable session. It also facilitates a consistent heat distribution, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and quality of the HHC distillate. This results in a more flavorful and satisfying vaping experience.

Are there any fillers or cutting agents in Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge?

Indacloud takes pride in maintaining the purity of its products, and the Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge is no exception. This cartridge is formulated exclusively with premium HHC distillate and natural terpenes. It is free from fillers or cutting agents that may compromise the product's quality or user experience. This dedication to purity underlines Indacloud's commitment to delivering superior and safe products.

Is the packaging of the Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridge child resistant?

Yes. Safety is a paramount concern for Indacloud, especially when it comes to preventing accidental access by children. As a result, all Nerdy Pebbles HHC Vape Cartridges come in child-resistant packaging. This ensures that the product can be stored safely in your home, providing an extra layer of security. It demonstrates Indacloud's dedication to its customers' safety and its adherence to responsible distribution practices.