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Super Citrus Haze
Delta 8 Moon Rocks
5 Grams

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Super Citrus Haze (hybrid)
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These Moon Rocks will make you feel like you’re floating in space. It’s the “3,2,1 blast off” of Moon Rocks. Best part is that it doesn’t stop there, the incredible combination of 23 terpenes that make up Super Citrus Haze has a distinct flavor profile that’s guaranteed to be smooth, memorable, and intoxicating in all the right ways.



Suver Haze CBD hemp flower, infused with Super Lemon Haze terpenes and our signature Delta 8 distillate, and rolled in CBG kief (5g)


5 Grams

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Delta 8 Moon Rocks

A favorite in the delta 8 world, a Moon Rock is a flower bud dipped and sprayed in distillate oil then rolled in Kief. Indicaloud’s Moon Rocks offer a unique and relaxing way to enjoy Delta 8. These Moon Rocks provide a more accessible smokable for users who want to experience the full effects without getting overwhelmed or couch-locked. Each batch is crafted with premium CBD flower that is infused with a selection of top shelf terpenes and our signature Delta 8 distillate, finally, it’s rolled in CBG kief totaling 5 grams. All of our D8 products are infused in small batches by hand to consistently ensure top quality.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Super Citrus Haze Delta 8 Moon Rocks and regular cannabis flowers or concentrates?

Delta 8 Moon Rocks are a unique smokable product that combines CBD hemp flower infused with Super Citrus Haze terpenes and Delta 8 distillate, all rolled in CBG kief. This combination differentiates them from regular cannabis flowers or concentrates in several ways. Unlike traditional cannabis products, Delta 8 Moon Rocks offer a more accessible experience with Delta 8, providing users with the full effects of Delta 8 without becoming overwhelmed or couch-locked. Additionally, the infusion of Super Citrus Haze terpenes enhances the flavor and aroma, making the Moon Rocks smooth, memorable, and intoxicating. Incorporating CBG kief further contributes to a potent and well-rounded product, ensuring a unique and relaxing way to enjoy Delta 8.

How does the infusion of Super Citrus Haze terpenes enhance the flavor and effects of the Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

The infusion of Super Citrus Haze terpenes into the Delta 8 Moon Rocks plays a crucial role in enhancing the product's flavor and effects. Terpenes are compounds found in cannabis and other plants, responsible for their distinct aroma and taste. In this case, the 23 terpenes that makeup Super Citrus Haze create a unique and robust flavor profile that complements the Delta 8 distillate. These terpenes add a citrusy and refreshing taste to the Moon Rocks and interact with the Delta 8 to produce what is commonly referred to as the "entourage effect." This phenomenon occurs when cannabinoids like Delta 8 and terpenes work synergistically, potentially enhancing the product's overall effects and therapeutic benefits.

Can you explain the process of making Super Citrus Haze Delta 8 Moon Rocks and how it contributes to their unique characteristics?

Making Delta 8 Moon Rocks involves several precise steps to create this distinctive product. It starts with selecting premium Suver Haze CBD hemp flower as the base. The CBD flower is then carefully infused with top-shelf terpenes, including the Super Citrus Haze profile. After infusion, the flower buds are dipped and sprayed with high-quality Delta 8 distillate, ensuring an even and consistent coating. To add an extra layer of potency, the Delta 8-coated buds are rolled in CBG kief, which is rich in cannabinoids and adds to the entourage effect. This meticulous process ensures that each Moon Rock batch is crafted with the utmost care and precision, resulting in a 5-gram product that guarantees a unique and relaxing Delta 8 experience.

Are there any specific effects or benefits associated with using Delta 8 Moon Rocks compared to other Delta 8 products?

Delta 8 Moon Rocks offer a set of specific effects and benefits that distinguish them from other Delta 8 products on the market. The Super Citrus Haze terpenes contribute to a distinct flavor profile that enhances the overall experience thanks to the precise infusion process. Moreover, the combination of Delta 8 and CBD in the hemp flower and the added CBG kief may create a more balanced and well-rounded experience, providing users with a smoother and more enjoyable session. Additionally, the Moon Rocks' unique formulation offers a more accessible way for users to experience Delta 8 without the risk of becoming overwhelmed or overly sedated.

What is the recommended dosage or consumption method for Super Citrus Haze Delta 8 Moon Rocks, and how long do the effects typically last?

The recommended dosage and consumption method for Delta 8 Moon Rocks can vary depending on an individual's tolerance and experience with Delta 8 products. Since Delta 8 is psychoactive, starting with a low dosage is essential, especially for beginners. A common approach is to break off a small piece of the Moon Rock, about the size of a rice grain, and consume it through smoking or vaping. As the effects take some time to kick in, it's crucial to wait at least 15-30 minutes before considering taking more. The effects of Delta 8 Moon Rocks typically last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, depending on various factors such as the dosage, individual metabolism, and tolerance level. Consuming Delta 8 products responsibly is essential, and avoiding operating heavy machinery or driving while under its influence. As with any cannabis product, users should consult a healthcare professional if they have any specific health concerns or medical conditions before using Delta 8 Moon Rocks.