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Unicorn Poop
WTF Series
3 Grams

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What is Unicorn Poop? According to Google It is a question asked by over 1.1 million people every year, and the craziest part is that there isn’t a good answer. So we made one. Unicorn Poop is our artfully selected Sativa vape of the WTF series. A really damn good and delicious 3 gram disposable created for the purposes of making you feel like you’re walking on a rainbow. We mentioned unicorn Poop being delicious and that’s because it’s made by mythical fruit creatures who decided it should taste like Watermelon, Strawberries, and Coconuts


Knockout Blend - THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP, CBN


3 Grams

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

WTF Series

The only thing a large naked man, unicorn poop and American Pie have in common is the statement that will come out of your mouth… “WTF?” This new series is appropriately titled WTF not just for its wacky flavor and strain combinations but for the incredibly strong mix of cannabinoids used in our Knockout Blend. We’ve pushed everything about this series to the absolute limit, with absurd names, crazy strong effects, and our first ever 3-gram disposable. Each of these 3 WTF series disposable vapes now come with 3 grams of our custom formulated and ultra strong Knock-out Blend, containing rare and potent cannabinoids such as THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP and CBN.


We got high,
We liked it, here,
is why

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brittney K-C
Enjoy the high

This is my first dative and I enjoyed the high. The disposable pen clogged often but other than that, it’s a great high

Dormand Hanson
Recent purchase

Thank you so much! Received the replacement vape, works great! I loved the pre rolls with the resin-very nice. Great customer service.

Stephen McCoy
5 stars all the way!

Very good product, very good buzz, not overbearing, and the high lasts a very long time. Did have a problem with a faulty device,but the customer service alone was worth 5 stars. I'm already shopping for my next order! Keep it up guys!

David K
Amazing Feeling, Taste, and customer server!

So, to start off, I love the flavor and the experience! The flavor somehow is the same as local amusement park smells: weed, cotton candy, and fun!

I did have an issue and reached out to customer support and they were amazing to work with and really worked hard to make things right and get to know me. They have a person that will be forever loyal.

Ryan McDavitt
Poopship Destroyer

Great stuff! I felt the effects very quickly, and felt like my brain had eaten zombie waffels with radioactive maple syrup on top. Took a detour around Saturn and flew back to surreality. Warp pipes to another level!! Great job guys! Keep the amazing products sizzling down the pipeline and forever hold your space and beyond. Liquidate negativity.

Frequently asked questions

What flavors can I expect from the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape?

The Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape is a distinct blend of fruit flavors that bring a unique taste experience. Imagine biting into a juicy watermelon on a hot summer day, that sweetness is captured in this blend. Alongside the watermelon, there's the fresh taste of strawberries, their natural tanginess acting as a counterpoint to the sweetness of the watermelon. Then comes the coconut's smooth, tropical essence, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile. Each puff is an explosion of these flavors, making every vaping session feel like a tropical vacation. It's a taste experience that's as unique and memorable as the name suggests.

What size is the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape?

The Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape comes in an impressive 3-gram size. This means you get more products in every package, extending the duration of your vaping sessions. Despite its size, it's designed with portability in mind. You can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, making it a perfect companion for any occasion. Its size also ensures a longer-lasting vaping experience, making it a cost-effective choice for regular users.

What cannabinoids does the Knockout Blend in the Unicorn Poop WTF Series contain?

The Unicorn Poop WTF Series features the Knockout Blend, an intense concoction of cannabinoids that include THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP, and CBN. This combination is designed to deliver potent and unique effects, offering a whole new dimension to your vaping experience. Each of these cannabinoids is carefully selected for their distinct properties and benefits. THCjd and THCm contribute to a euphoric high, D11 and THCP provide an intensely psychoactive experience, and CBN is known for its calming effects. This combination is meticulously crafted to deliver a balanced and unparalleled experience.

Can you describe the effects of using the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape?

The effects of the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape are as unique as its name. With its potent Knockout Blend of cannabinoids and sativa dominance, users can expect an uplifted mood, a boost in creativity and energy, and a heightened sense of euphoria. This makes it ideal for social gatherings or creative endeavors. It's also likely to provide a mild body high that's soothing and relaxing. Despite its intensity, the experience is designed to be enjoyable and manageable, ensuring that every vaping session is memorable and unique.

How does the Unicorn Poop WTF Series ensure product quality?

Product quality is at the forefront of Indacloud's mission. The Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape undergoes rigorous, multi-stage lab testing before and after production. These tests ensure that the product is free from harmful substances and that the cannabinoid content is as stated. Additionally, the product uses a precise blend of cannabinoids, ensuring a potent and effective vaping experience. Indacloud's commitment to quality guarantees you're always getting a reliable, safe, and effective product.

How does the WTF Series from Indacloud differ from others in the market?

The WTF Series from Indacloud sets itself apart with its audacious approach to flavor profiles and strain combinations. Products in this series, like the Unicorn Poop, feature unique names, vibrant flavors, and potent cannabinoid blends. Additionally, the WTF Series is the first from Indacloud to offer a 3-gram disposable vape, providing a more robust vaping experience. The creativity and innovation in this series make it a standout in the crowded vaping market.

Is the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape lab-tested?

Yes. The Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape undergoes multi-stage lab testing to ensure product safety and quality. These comprehensive tests verify the cannabinoid content and screen for any harmful substances. This rigorous testing process is part of Indacloud's commitment to quality, ensuring that users receive a safe, reliable, and potent product every time.

How should I properly use and store my Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape?

Simply inhale from the mouthpiece to use the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape. It's a draw-activated device, so no need to press any buttons. As for storage, keep your vape in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Proper storage prolongs the life of your vape and helps maintain its flavor and potency. Remember to keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

Who is the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape suitable for?

Due to its balanced effects and distinctive flavor profile, the Unicorn Poop WTF Series vape suits beginners and experienced users. New users should start slow to gauge their reaction to the potent Knockout Blend. The unique combination of flavors and potent effects offers veteran vapers a new and exciting vaping experience. The 3-gram size ensures a longer-lasting experience, making it a cost-effective choice for regular users.