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Our best offer possible one of each WTF Series with saving of more than more than 30%. This bundle and save offer contains 1x 9 Pound Hammer, 1x American Pie, 1x Unicorn Poop.


Knockout Blend - THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP, CBN

Size (Each Pack)

3 Grams

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

WTF Series

The only thing a large naked man, unicorn poop and American Pie have in common is the statement that will come out of your mouth… “WTF?” This new series is appropriately titled WTF not just for its wacky flavor and strain combinations but for the incredibly strong mix of cannabinoids used in our Knockout Blend. We’ve pushed everything about this series to the absolute limit, with absurd names, crazy strong effects, and our first ever 3-gram disposable. Each of these 3 WTF series disposable vapes now come with 3 grams of our custom formulated and ultra strong Knock-out Blend, containing rare and potent cannabinoids such as THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP and CBN.

We got high,
We liked it, here,
is why

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Draven Berry
The WTF serious

One them leaked from day one then Clogged but the other 2 where amazing

Shane Passino
Mixed feelings

The taste and head changes are great; however, this is the 2nd bundle I've gotten where one of the disposable vapes is clogged upon arrival and you burn through a lot of it just trying to get a single hit.

However it is a pretty good product and the deals are always killer it you can find one.

Elizabeth Bauer-Crawley
No customer service response

One of the vapes leaked during shipment and is unusable. Sent in a couple of customer service requests and a return request and have received no response as yet.

WTF 3 Gram disposable vape

Love it. They last for a while. Great taste!! Phenomenal high!!!

Tried the new WTF series.

These are hard hitting. I don't like the taste as much as the psychedelic series. The draws and taste on the WTF are a little harsh but I suppose that is to be expected with a stronger potency. The cartridges are generous so it helps to keep the hits small (also less wasteful). Seems like all three of the WTF series take about 10 minutes to creep up on me. This means that I often keep taking draws only to overshoot my mark a little. Great product.

Frequently asked questions

What strains are included in the WTF Series Bundle?

The WTF Series Bundle packs a trio of some of the most uniquely named and formulated strains you'll come across - the 9 Pound Hammer, American Pie, and Unicorn Poop. The 9 Pound Hammer is notorious for its hard-hitting effects, perfect for those who enjoy a bold, immersive experience. The American Pie brings a sweeter, lighter side with a nuanced profile that enthralls the senses. The Unicorn Poop, despite its whimsical name, delivers a mystical blend of sensations that will take you on a magical journey. Each strain is carefully chosen to provide a broad spectrum of experiences, ensuring a refreshing departure from the ordinary at each turn.

What is the size of each pack in the WTF Series Bundle?

Each package in our WTF Series Bundle contains 3 grams of product packaged in convenient, single-use disposables. These industry-leading sizes mean you have ample supply for your vaping sessions, delivering a prolonged and fulfilling experience. This larger pack size embodies our commitment to providing excellent value to our customers while ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality experience with every puff.

How much can I save when I purchase the WTF Series Bundle?

We believe in delivering both quality and value. Our WTF Series Bundle is designed to do just that, offering more than 30% savings compared to individual purchases. It's the perfect option for those looking to explore our WTF Series while keeping an eye on the budget. It's not just a purchase but an investment toward an extraordinary vaping journey, encapsulating premium quality at an unbeatable price.

How does the Knockout Blend in the WTF Series differ from other blends?

Our Knockout Blend is what sets the WTF Series apart from the rest. Unlike ordinary blends, the Knockout Blend boasts a potent mix of rare cannabinoids - THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP, and CBN. These cannabinoids are potent and offer a uniquely diverse profile, resulting in an intense, euphoric experience that lingers. Each puff is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection, pushing boundaries to deliver an unmatched vaping adventure.

How does the WTF Series ensure product quality and safety?

At Indacloud, we place the utmost importance on product quality and safety. That's why every product in the WTF Series undergoes rigorous multi-stage lab testing before and after production. We partner with independent, third-party laboratories that scrutinize every batch for purity, potency, and consistency. From sourcing the finest ingredients to adhering to stringent manufacturing practices, our commitment to quality is ingrained in every step of our production process.

What cannabinoids are included in the WTF Series Knockout Blend?

The WTF Series Knockout Blend goes beyond the typical THC and CBD profile. This carefully formulated blend includes a robust mix of rare and potent cannabinoids, including THCjd, THCm, D11, THCP, and CBN. These cannabinoids have unique attributes and synergize to create a powerful entourage effect. This means you get to experience a profound, comprehensive high that's far more intense and multifaceted than traditional strains offer.

What are the effects that I can expect from the WTF Series?

The WTF Series offers myriad effects that span the spectrum of sensory experiences. The 9 Pound Hammer brings a potent, intense experience that's bound to leave a strong impression. On the other hand, American Pie offers a gentler, euphoric high akin to a delightful dessert after a satisfying meal. Then, there's the Unicorn Poop, which blends whimsy and wonders into a mystical experience. Regardless of your preference, the WTF Series will surely exceed your expectations, offering a unique adventure at every turn.

What are the unique flavors available in the WTF Series Bundle?

Our WTF Series Bundle is a true treat for your taste buds. With the robust and earthy flavors of the 9 Pound Hammer, the sweet, fruity undertones of the American Pie, and the intriguingly diverse flavor profile of the Unicorn Poop, your palate is in for an absolute delight. Each strain delivers its unique flavor, allowing you to embark on a gourmet journey that perfectly complements the potent effects of our Knockout Blend.

Are these WTF Series products lab tested?

Yes, without a doubt. At Indacloud, we are committed to ensuring that every product you receive from us is of the highest quality. As such, all our WTF Series products undergo rigorous multi-stage lab testing. We collaborate with independent third-party laboratories to scrutinize every batch of our product, checking for purity, potency, and adherence to safety standards. This ensures that what you get in your hands is nothing short of the best.

How can I properly store and use my WTF Series products?

To maintain the quality and potency of your WTF Series products, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. These products come in a user-friendly, disposable format, so usage is straightforward and convenient. However, given the potent Knockout Blend we use, starting with a lower dosage is advisable and gradually increasing it based on your comfort and desired effect. Remember, every individual's response to cannabinoids can differ, so it's best to pace yourself and enjoy responsibly.