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King Size Caviar Cone

The caviar cone is one of the cannabis products birthed from the growing experimentation and innovation in the cannabis industry. The caviar cone gives a new spin to smoking a joint. Caviar cones are pre-rolled joints containing substances other than just the cannabis bud.

The distinctive blending of high-quality cannabis ingredients together in one pre-roll- ready-to-smoke joint makes the caviar cone a go-to product for a fabulously potent high.

Our King Size Caviar Cone Products

At Indacloud, we have specially formulated the best king-size caviar cone products. 

King Size Caviar Cone Delta 8 Pre-rolls 

This fantastic cannabis joint comes in 2 x 1.6 grams joints; there are two pre-roll cones in a pack. These pre-roll leaves are pristine as it has the ultimate blend of CBD flower for the ground cannabis and premium Delta 8 and Sour Diesel terpenes for the cannabis concentrate, coated with CBG kief.

The added coat of CBG kief in this pre-roll takes the potency to royalty level. The Indacloud Delta 8 Caviar Cone pre-rolls are produced using the Sativa strain and our trademark high-quality CBD flower.

With the high-quality ingredients in this pre-roll, you are sure of an excellent experience on your exciting journey to your deserved high.