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Delta 8 Moon Rocks

What are Delta-8 Moon Rocks?

In today’s growing market, a wide variety of Delta-8 products can be found everywhere. Delta-8 THC, the minor cannabinoid, has gained much attention in the cannabis industry these past several years. Delta-8 has become popular in certain states due to its psychoactive effects and legality. The curiosity surrounding Delta-8 THC lies in how it compares to Delta-9 THC, the most famous chemical in cannabis. Delta-8 THC has become a more legal-friendly way to get blazed and there are many ways to use it. 

One Delta-8 product that you should definitely know about is Delta-8 Moon Rocks. Delta-8 Moon Rocks are a way for smokers to enjoy Delta-8 and they’re on another level. Moon Rocks, as you can tell by the name, are named after their appearance. These are small nuggets with an outer coating and texture that resembles something you’d collect from the moon. They almost resemble gravel outside, but once you crack them open, you’ll be pleased to see the vibrant green bud inside. Not only is it named after the appearance, but it’s also named after the experience. Hold on to your socks because Delta-8 Moon Rocks will take you to the moon!


Moon Rocks are made by coating CBD hemp flowers with thick layers of Delta-8 THC distillate. Then, they are rolled in CBD kief— which helps solidify the thick outer layer that resembles bits of earthy rock. 


Delta-8 Moon Rocks may look alien to you and not resemble anything you have ever seen before, but the effects they produce are out of this world!  The unique process for creating D8 Moon Rocks matches the fantastic way you feel when you smoke them. Delta-8 Moon Rocks can be rolled into a joint or blunt. They burn better when you put them in a glass pipe; some people even prefer to smoke them via hookah. Either way, it’s your personal preference.


Delta-8 Moon Rocks is a D8 product with super potent effects.


Why Choose Delta-8 Moonrocks from Indacloud?

Quality, compliance, and consistency are the standards for all products at Indacloud.  Indacloud is an online hemp shop that offers a wide variety of products, including Delta-8 Moon Rocks. We at Indacloud started from a passion for cannabis and a dream to make the best quality products available. 

Made with top-shelf Delta-8 THC, the Delta-8 Moon Rocks at Indacloud are the one-of-a-kind product you have to check off of your Delta-8 list. For a product that is as unique and effective as Delta-8 Moon Rocks, you want to ensure you are getting the best quality and the best price. Indacloud is known for producing all sorts of hemp goodies that are quality made, and we offer them at an unbeatable price. 

Buying Delta-8 Moon Rocks online is the best way to get them. Visit Indacloud today and then get in the clouds.

Our Best Delta-8 Moon Rocks Products

If you want the best Delta-8 Moon Rocks, Indacloud is just a click away. We blend premium Delta-8 Moon Rocks with all the complimentary terpenes and kief to give you the ultimate Delta-8 Moon Rock experience. Indacloud offers each of these Delta-8 Moon Rock flavors in a 5g pack, and the price is unbeatable. 


Look no further than Indacloud for your Delta-8 Moon Rocks, now available in two unique flavors!


Bubba Kush Cookies


You may have heard of cookies and cream, but these Bubba Kush Cookies Delta-8 Moon Rocks at Indacloud take the classic flavor to a whole new level. These Delta-8 Moon Rocks are made with a potent euphoria-inducing blend that will help you relax. Who knew cookies and cream and Delta-8 THC could be used in the same sentence? Visit Indacloud and experience the smooth, aromatic Bubba Kush Cookies Delta-8 Moon Rocks for yourself!


Super Citrus Haze

The Super Citrus Haze Delta-8 Moon Rocks at Indacloud are unlike anything you have ever tried. This strain of Moon Rocks is made with potent terpenes to create the ultimate citrusy terpene profile. These Delta-8 Moon Rocks are a real crowd pleaser.  The Super Citrus Haze Moon Rocks will give you that smooth Delta-8 happines you love with a citrusy, lemony twist. Visit Indacloud and give these Delta-8 Moon Rocks a go.

Delta 8 Moon Rocks – Frequently Asked Questions

Delta-8 Moon Rocks can be legally purchased in all states that sell Delta-8 THC. The legality of Delta-8 Moon Rocks essentially depends on the legality of the bud that is used to make it. Moon Rocks made with federally compliant hemp are legal in some states. There are some states where Delta-8 is not so legal, but ultimately, the legal status of this Delta-8 product may vary from state to state.  Delta-8 Moon Rocks can be legally purchased on indacloud.co

Delta-8 Moon Rocks are a little different than your typical flower buds. Despite being able to smoke Delta-8 Moon Rocks. Using a blong or glass pipe or a bowl to smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks is recommended. Additionally, a grinder is not very helpful with Delta-8 Moon Rocks. Typically, a grinder is used for crushing herb nuggets into finer size so that it is easier to smoke, but this is not necessary with moon rocks. We recommend scissors for chopping up Delta-8 moon rocks.  Using a soft flame light is also advised to burn moon rocks, not a high powered torch. If using a bowl, simply light the edge of the bowl, and the fire will spread over the top of the bud. 

Besides its unique appearance and manufacturing process, Delta-8 Moon Rocks may have mild  psychotropic properties. Delta Moon Rocks are even more potent than regular Delta 8 flower. Delta-8 Moon Rocks may impact everyone differently, so it is advised to use Delta-8 Moon Rocks a small amount when trying for the first time.

Delta-8 Moon Rocks begin as CBD hemp flower; the CBD hemp is then coated with Delta 8 distillate– similar to the process for making Delta-8 flower. The only difference is that more Delta-8 is used to cover the bud when making Moon Rocks.


Following this generously thick coating of the Delta-8 distillate, the Delta-8 bud is then rolled in kief, which is known for its high potency. Kief, or keef, is a term given to pure THC trichomes. Trichomes are the most potent part of the cannabis plant, which offers the Delta-8 Moon Rocks a stronger kick than they would have with just the Delta-8 distillate. The kief is responsible for the outer, crust-like appearance of the moon rocks.

Delta-8 Moon Rocks are potent but still fall within the legal limits as far as THC goes. Legal Delta-8 products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Unlike some other Delta-8 products, Moon Rocks are not typically found everywhere. Delta 8 Moon Rocks can be purchased from select hemp specialty shops. Indacloud is the best online option for purchasing quality-made Delta 8 Moon Rocks. To buy Delta-8 Moon Rocks, you must be at least 21 years old.

One of the most common questions about Delta-8 Moon Rocks is how to use them. Delta-8 Moon Rocks differ significantly from Delta-8 flower. The best way to use Delta-8 Moon Rocks is with a glass pipe or bowl. Using this type of device better supports the quality, texture, and size of the Delta-8 Moon Rocks when they are burned. It is up to the user to decide what they feel is the best method. Blunts, wraps and joints will work too.

You can buy Delta-8 Moon Rocks in bulk online from Indacloud. Indacloud accepts wholesale orders, and the sign-up form can be found on our website. If you want to stock your shelves with the best Delta-8 Moon Rocks on the market, shop wholesale now on our website!


You might wonder which is more strong– Moon Rocks or regular Delta-8 flower. Moon Rocks are definitely more stronger. The effects of Delta-8 Moon Rocks can be felt faster and are stronger.  Delta-8 Moon Rocks may affect everyone differently, as people tend to have different tolerance levels.