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The seed-bearing part of a plant’s bloom is usually referred to as a flower. The flower of Cannabis sativa, also called buds, is the smokable, trichome-enriched part of the plant. It is usually dried and treated, and it carries the flavor, aroma, and  “high” effect of the cannabinoids in cannabis.

Indacloud is a top-notch online cannabis store that sells different hemp-based products that will suit your needs. Here is a list of all the awesome flower products that Indacloud has to offer. 

1. Maui Wowie

This flower, also referred to as Maui Waui, comes from a traditional Sativa marijuana strain that was created by crossing Hawaiian with an unidentified strain. Tropical, mango, and pineapple flavors are among the features of Maui Wowie. It also provides an energizing and typical Sativa high.

2. Ekto Kooler 

One of the most potent Delta 8 pre-rolls is Ekto Kooler. According to reports, Delta 8 offers a wonderful experience. It is also a Sativa strain that is characterized by its citrus and pine flavors and pungent aroma, making its “high” intense and long-lasting.

3. Strawberry Lifter

Strawberry Lifter is unique in the sense that it can be used by both beginners and avid users. This strain offers a balance between CBD and Delta 8 that can be used at any time. There is a pleasant strawberry smell and a sweet strawberry taste to it. It is said to produce a mild high, according to users. 

4. Blue Hawaiian Haze

Blue Hawaiian Haze is usually obtained from breeding Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativa. It is popularly known for its fruity and smooth feel. This strain has been described as one that gives a balance high. Blue Hawaiian has aromas and flavors that come from the terpenes in blueberries.

5. Caviar Cones 

Caviar cones are often pre-rolled. It is a cannabis concentrate with high potency. This helps create a more effective high. The delicious-tasting Caviar Cones are a combination of different cannabis products with a high THC content. A good amount of CBG kief is also added to the Caviar Cone Delta 8 flower.  The combination of  CBD flower, Delta 8 THC, Sour Diesel terpenes, and CBG kief makes the Caviar Cones one of the best cones on the market.

6. Bubba Kush Cookies

Bubba Kush Cookies are featured with earthy, floral, grape, berry, sweet, and hashy flavors of cookies and cream. Bubba Kush Cookies are a strain gotten from a divine mix. It is a hybrid with roots in the infamous Kush and Cookies lineage. Bubba Kush Cookies are said to be deliciously potent and a perfect pick for anyone who loves a classic flavor. The Bubba Kush Cookies moon rocks are the perfect kief-covered nugs for those who want an extra kick in their smoke.

7. Super Citrus Haze

This is a citrus-like haze hybrid and a selection from the Super Lemon Haze, making it unique.  Super Citrus Haze produces a fairly sour taste, and it’s a THC-dominant variety. Super Citrus Haze Moon Rocks is an extraordinary 23-terpene blend with a distinctive flavor profile that hits all the right notes.


The cannabis flowers are not as popular as other hemp products, but they also offer versatility. For instance, there are several ways to consume a flower. Users can either decide to smoke it with a pipe or bong, or they can choose to roll it into a joint or blunt. Additionally, you should always get your products from the best source: Indacloud.