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Delta 8 Pre-Rolls – Frequently Asked Questions

Delta-8 pre-rolled joints add convenience to your favorite recreational activity. Smoking cannabis is a regular activity for many people around the country. Well, in the US states where it can be used legally. 

Delta-8, also called D8 or ‘Legal Weed’, is a popular hemp-derived cannabinoid used to make various products like Gummies and Smokable flowers. Delta-8 is a legal way to enjoy the effects of cannabis in some states. Delta-8 flower is made of hemp flower coated in Delta-8 THC distillate. Delta-8 is a distant relative to Delta-9, the cannabinoid with which most classic cannabis lovers are familiar. Legal Delta-8 flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC,  the chemical responsible for psychoactive effects. Delta-8 is described as less potent than Delta-9 but still effective in getting high. 

Delta-8 pre-rolls are significantly different from loose Delta-8 flower. Delta-8 THC pre-rolled joints are essentially pre-packaged joints that you can enjoy immediately. Delta-8 pre-rolls are convenient in many ways.  If you want to use Delta-8 THC flower but are not the best at rolling your joints, Delta-8 pre-rolls are the perfect solution. Pre-rolls are either hand-rolled or machine-rolled before purchase, giving you more time to enjoy the Delta-8 flower. 

With these joints, you don’t have to spend time grinding up herbs or measuring out the flower to roll. Who doesn’t mind doing less now and then? The convenience of a Delta-8 pre-roll blunt is unlike any other Delta-8 product. Take this chance to spend less time rolling and more time smoking!

One Delta-8 product that you should know about is Delta-8 moon rocks. Delta-8 moon rocks are a way for smokers to enjoy Delta-8. Moon rocks are named after their appearance. These are small nuggets with an outer coating and texture that resembles something you’d collect from the moon. They almost resemble gravel on the outside, but once you crack them open, you’ll be pleased to see the green bud inside. 

Using Delta-8 distillate, moon rocks are made by coating CBD hemp flowers with thick layers. Then, they are rolled in CBD kief— which helps solidify the thick outer layer that resembles bits of earthy rock. 

Delta 8 moon rocks may not resemble anything you have ever seen before, and they may even produce effects, unlike any other product you have tried. The unique process for creating D8 moon rocks matches the unique high you feel when you smoke them. Unlike raw bud, moon rocks shouldn’t be rolled into a joint. They burn better when you put them in a glass pipe and some people even prefer to smoke them with a bong. 

Either way, Delta 8 Moon Rocks are a lesser-known D8 product with potent effects. In this article, we are giving you the details on this smokable phenomenon, including its effects and the best place to purchase it. 

Indacloud is home to top-shelf hemp and cannabis products, including Delta-8 pre-rolls. Each Delta-8 pre-roll includes 1.3 grams of AAA CBD flower. These Delta-8 pre-rolls are the best you’ll find online, they’re affordable, and you can enjoy them in three different strains.

Caviar Cones 

Caviar Cones King Size Delta-8 pre-rolls are exclusively available at Indacloud. The Caviar Cones are Sativa-dominant– perfect for an enjoyable head high. These Delta-8 pre-rolls are made with Sour Diesel terpenes and just enough to give you that Delta-8 buzz you know and love. 

Maui Wowie 

Maui Wowie is a popular Sativa strain inspired by the vibes in Hawaii. The Maui Wowie Delta-8 THC pre-rolls are made with CBD flower, Delta-8 distillate, and Maui Wowie terpenes. You will love this strain if you’re ready for a tropical getaway rolled into a joint.

Ekto Kooler

Ekto Kooler is a strain of Delta-8 pre-rolls that will bring you nostalgic vibes. Named after the Ghostbuster-themed Hi-C drink from the ‘90s, this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has hints of citrus, pine, and skunky diesel that you will love at first sight.  If you want an excellent uplifting strain made with a unique and playful terpene blend, Ekto Kooler is it. 

The legality of cannabis has been a hot topic for decades. As you may know, some states have yet to legalize cannabis. In 2018, the Farm Bill was signed, which legalized the sale of cannabis products that contain no more than 0.3% Delta  9 THC. So, Delta-8 pre-roll joints can be purchased legally in most states. Despite this, some states have banned Delta-8 THC altogether, so it’s best to check with your state laws to ensure you can enjoy Delta-8 pre-rolled joints legally.

Delta-8 pre-rolls are worth it if you enjoy smoking cannabis. Delta-8 pre-rolls offer a simplified experience, and you can enjoy pre-rolls in various strains as you can when using loose Delta-8 flower. 

Delta-8 pre-rolls are a smoking alternative that differs significantly from smoking joints. There are numerous reasons you might consider using Delta-8 pre-rolls. Delta-8 pre-rolls are a good choice if,

You are new to Delta-8 THC.

If you have never tried Delta-8, then Delta-8 pre-rolled joints may be an excellent place to start. You can think of D8 pre-rolls as a way to test the waters as far as Delta-8 is concerned. Purchasing Delta-8 pre-rolled joints may be a way for you to give Delta-8 flowers a try without spending money on the loose flower. 

You want an alternative to Delta-9 or CBD.

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that is somewhere between Delta-9 and CBD in terms of its effects. Delta-8 is not as potent as Delta-9, but you will get high from it, unlike with CBD. Delta-8 pre-rolls are an ideal product if you want a different option besides either of these two naturally occurring cannabinoids. 

You do not know how to roll perfect joints.

Purchasing loose Delta-8 flower instead of Delta-8 pre-rolls requires knowing how to roll a joint, which may take some practice to make perfect. If rolling isn’t something you are familiar with or simply something you don’t want to do, Delta-8 pre-rolls are a good alternative. 

You want to cut the cost of the Delta-8 flower.

Using loose Delta-8 flower requires a few additional tools. You must purchase a grinder, a tool to break the flower into fine dust-like pieces (unless you break it up with your fingers), and smoking papers, which are used to roll the joints. If you want to skip out on spending additional money on these items or taking the time to crush flower with your fingers, Delta-8 pre-rolls are a simple solution. 

You want a legal way to enjoy cannabis.

Since Delta-8 is legal in most states, many people enjoy Delta-8 pre-rolls as one of the only ways to use cannabis legally. You may live in a state where you can not purchase Delta-9 Flower, but you have the option to buy other products made with CBD or Delta-8. If this describes you, then Delta-8 pre-rolled joints are a good match. 

You want to add a popular Delta-8 product to your shop.

Pre-rolls are super popular, so they are a must-have in any hemp shop. You can find Delta-8 pre-roll wholesale deals online at Indacloud to add variety to your shop. 

If you often travel or have an upcoming trip planned, you might be wondering if you can bring Delta-8 pre-rolls with you. This will depend on the legal status in the states you are traveling from and to and the guidelines in place by each airline. In some states, you may be able to fly with Delta-8 prerolls, but it is not guaranteed with every airline. It is best to check with the airline to learn their travel policy with Delta-8 pre-rolls in advance.

There are age requirements for legally purchasing Delta-8 pre-rolls. To legally purchase Delta-8 pre-rolls, you must be at least 21 years old or older. No one can buy Delta-8 pre-rolls under the age of 21. You must present an ID when purchasing Delta-8 pre-rolls. This age requirement applies to buying Delta-8 pre-rolls in-store or online at shops like Indacloud.

Delta-8 pre-rolls contain a small percentage of THC, so you can expect to get high from smoking them. Though the high has been described as milder than Delta-9, Delta-8 infused pre-rolled joints can get you high nonetheless. It is advisable to start with just a few puffs of a Delta-8 pre-roll to notice how it affects you.

Delta-8 pre-rolls are usually pretty affordable. The price for Delta-8 pre-rolls will differ from place to place, though. You can purchase Delta-8 pre-rolls in-store or online at an affordable price. The cost of Delta-8 pre-rolls depends on the brand and how many are included per pack. The Delta-8 pre-rolls at Indacloud are less than $26.99.

Safety is the most crucial factor when considering Delta-8 pre-rolls. Like most hemp-derived products, the safety of Delta-8 preroll joints highly depends on how the flower is cultivated. The cultivation and extraction process for the Delta-8 must be completed carefully and professionally to ensure top-quality Delta-8. Additionally, any additional ingredients used for flavor should be from safe, clean sources. Lastly, even the type of papers used can affect the quality of a Delta-8 pre-roll. It’s best to purchase pre-rolls that are made with bleach-free smoking paper. Each of these factors can impact the safety of Delta-8 pre-rolls. When made with expert knowledge and care and used in moderation, Delta-8 pre-rolls can be considered safe. If you are using Delta-8 pre-rolls and you experience any undesirable effects, please discontinue use.