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Merchandise, or “merch,” making/giving is one of the different ways in which goods are presented to customers. The capacity to maintain and expand its clientele is crucial for a top-tier cannabis retailer like Indacloud. Indacloud has made significant strides toward revolutionizing the cannabis industry by developing first impressions and enhancing product advertising.

In this piece, we’ll highlight some of our unique merch that you’ll be excited to add to your shopping basket.

A Comprehensive List of Indacloud 

Some of our top merch products include T-shirts in the following categories:


The timeless cut of this men’s classic shirt made from 100% cotton will help you achieve a more refined appearance. It fits comfortably, keeps its shape well, and looks great with layered streetwear. It’s also very fashionable right now!


This t-shirt has everything you might need in a t-shirt—and then some. It has the proper amount of stretch while still feeling soft and lightweight. Everyone will look good in it because it is very soft and breathable.

Ciggaro Lit

Everything about this t-shirt exceeds your wildest expectations. In addition to being lightweight, comfortable, and stretchy, it has just the right amount of give. It’s so cozy that everyone looks good wearing it.


This Multicloud t-shirt has the style and quality that every stylish person will want, but at a cheaper price. It’s quite comfy, with an elegant design that attracts people’s attention effortlessly. It is constructed entirely of cotton that has been combed and ring-spun.

Mr. Ned Simpson

Do you appreciate the combination of understated elegance and modern design? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this Mr. Ned Simpson is exactly what you should be looking at. You’ll enjoy its plush, lightweight feel as well as its perfect amount of elasticity. It looks great on everyone, and it’s very comfortable as well. The design of the print was created to appeal to all viewers.

I See The IC.

For all fashionistas who adore the understated style and, of course, “I See The IC,” our go-to shirt features a comfortable fit and is designed to look like a well-loved favorite. In addition to this, it was constructed using a fabric that was extremely light and plush, and it was made entirely of cotton.

Vintage BLU3

Help get the word out with our “Vintage BLU3” t-shirt! This Vintage BLU3 t-shirt, which features a high-quality and thoughtfully crafted original artwork print, is sure to attract attention. It is enough for others to understand your passion for the product from the artwork, which is shaped like a circle. Onlookers will be satisfied.

Out Of The Fog

You may get a more tailored appearance by wearing this Out Of The Fog basic t-shirt made from 100% cotton that comes in a variety of colors. It has a comfortable fit, keeps its lines crisp around the borders, and is an excellent choice for wearing with layered streetwear ensembles.

Cloud Cadet

Do you have a passion for both art and space? A Cloud Cadet t-shirt designed to fit your preferences has been carefully crafted. The perfect astronaut design and top-notch production value speak for themselves. Let ‘em know you’re ready to go to the moon with the Cloud Cadet t-shirt which comes in a variety of sizes and colors.