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Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC
Gummies 200mg

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How do you rob a fruit store? … with a FRUIT PUNCH. Get ready to experience a tropical flavor explosion with our Fruit Punch Funta Gummies! Bursting with juicy, tropical flavors, these gummies are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while also enjoying a mental getaway. This gummy will be your favorite day time companion as its sativa effects blast you with creativity, relaxation and a lot of smiles. Start with a quarter to half a gummy, they are stronger than what you find in most dispensaries.


Amount of Delta 9

200 mg


10 gummies per bag X 20 mg per gummy

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production


It’s finally here, through cutting edge technology we are able to provide true Delta 9 Gummies. Like all of our incredible products, these are federally legal as they are hemp-derived. These dispensary-grade THC gummies will provide you with an exceptionally pure and strong high. With 10 gummies and 200 mg of D9 THC in each bag you’ll experience quality unmatched by the world’s top dispensaries. This Funta Series is a play on our favorite soda! Enjoy three incredible popular soda flavors that are identical to their sweet beverage counterparts, Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Sour Apple, Pineapple, Peach, and Fruit Punch!



We got high,
We liked it, here,
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Customer Reviews

Based on 466 reviews

Tremendous product, tasty, and leaves a lasting impact. I'll tell you that much. I'm experienced yet it only took 30 min to kick in at 80mg, you get hours of greatness. Music is on another stratosphere with this stuff.

Naomi Perez

Love the way these gummies taste and make me feel.

christopher tully
Waste of money

Wasn't happy with it...

Jeffery davidson
Night-night time.

The grape gummies are great helps with my migraine and neck problems wake up feeling better before I have to go to work keep up the good work.

Amy D
New to Delta Products - Love These

I am brand new to hemp and Delta 8 & 9 products. I'm a total lightweight, so I love that the Delta 8 gives me the results I want (energized good moods ir help sleeping) without the downsides I often experienced with THC. I still break these up in to smaller doses, but I am looking forward to trying other flavors and products.

Frequently asked questions

What is the potency of Fruit Punch Funta Delta 9 THC Gummies?

Each Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummy is infused with 20mg of potent Delta 9 THC. This means that each bag containing 10 gummies carries a total of 200mg of Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 THC, unlike its counterpart Delta 8, is known for its more potent psychoactive effects, which include creativity stimulation, relaxation, and euphoria. When trying these gummies, it's important to note that their effects might be more potent than what you might have experienced with other THC products. For this reason, it is always suggested starting with a low dosage, especially if you're new to Delta 9 THC products. A good starting point can be a quarter to half a gummy, and then gradually increase the dosage as you get used to their effects and assess your tolerance level.

Are Fruit Punch Funta Delta 9 THC Gummies lab-tested for quality and potency?

Like all Indacloud products, Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies are subjected to rigorous, multi-stage lab testing before and after production. We believe in maintaining absolute transparency regarding the quality and safety of products. This commitment to quality ensures that these gummies are effective and follow the highest safety standards. Lab testing is an essential process that verifies the cannabinoid concentration in the products, the purity of the Delta 9 THC, and the absence of harmful contaminants. The lab results confirm the potency of gummies and the safety of the extraction process, offering peace of mind and assurance about the product you are consuming.

How many gummies are included in each Fruit Punch Funta Delta 9 THC Gummies package?

Each Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies package contains 10 individually dosed gummies. The packaging has been designed to make it easy to control your dosage for a safe, enjoyable experience. We understand the importance of accurate dosing for THC products, and the packaging reflects this commitment. With 10 gummies in each bag, it's easy to monitor your intake, whether you're an experienced THC user or a novice. Each gummy's uniform dosage provides consistency, making finding the best dose for you easier.

What is the recommended dosage for Fruit Punch Funta Delta 9 THC Gummies?

The recommended dosage of Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies can vary based on several factors like your previous experience with THC, your tolerance level, and your desired effects. For beginners or those sensitive to THC, we recommend starting with a small dosage - about a quarter to half of one gummy. Each gummy contains a potent 20mg of Delta 9 THC, so starting low and gradually increasing the dosage ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Remember that the effects of the cannabinoid Delta 9 THC can take some time to kick in, so be patient and wait before increasing the dosage. Always adhere to safe consumption practices and consult a healthcare provider if you have concerns.

Are Fruit Punch Funta Delta 9 THC Gummies suitable for experienced and novice users?

Yes. Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies are designed to cater to both experienced and novice THC users. However, because these gummies contain a potent amount of Delta 9 THC, known for its powerful psychoactive effects, novice users should approach them cautiously. Start with a smaller dosage (half a gummy or less) and gradually increase as you assess your personal tolerance level. Even for experienced THC users, we recommend starting with a smaller dosage because the Delta 9 THC in these gummies can offer a more potent experience than other forms of THC, like Delta 8. Responsible use is key to enjoying your experience with these THC gummies. Everyone's body reacts differently to THC, so what works for others may not work for you. Listen to your body, adjust your dosage as needed, and most importantly, enjoy the experience.

What other flavors besides the Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies are available?

Aside from Fruit Punch Funta, Indacloud's Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies come in three other tantalizing soda-inspired flavors - Orange, Strawberry, and Grape. Each flavor is carefully crafted to mimic the taste of your favorite soda, delivering a unique and satisfying taste experience with every bite. The Orange flavor is refreshing and tangy, transporting you to a sunny afternoon with its citrusy notes. The Strawberry flavor offers a sweet, summer-inspired taste that complements the potent Delta 9 THC. The Grape flavor provides a sweet and slightly tart experience reminiscent of a fizzy grape soda. Whether you're a fan of classic fruit flavors or looking to try something new, the Funta series of THC gummies has something for everyone. Enjoy the fun and familiar flavors while experiencing the potent effects of dispensary-grade Delta 9 THC.

What effects can I expect from Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies?

When consuming Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies, you can expect to experience the powerful effects of Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 THC is known for its potent psychoactive properties, meaning it can alter perception, mood, and consciousness. These gummies can stimulate creativity, promote relaxation, and even induce euphoria. They are ideal for daytime use, as the sativa effects can energize and uplift you, making them a popular choice for social gatherings or creative endeavors. However, everyone's experience with Delta 9 THC is unique. The effects can depend on various factors, including your tolerance level, the amount consumed, body chemistry, and the environment in which you consume them. For those new to THC products, starting with a smaller dose and gradually increasing as you understand your body's reaction to these gummies is best. Remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the potent and delightful effects of Fruit Punch Funta Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies.