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Psychedelic Series
2 Grams

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These Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries, that’s a fact. We can all look up towards the inventor of the original Snozzberries as one of the most idolized dreamers of our past, who’s name is similar to Wolly Winka In his wise words, “We are the reamers of dreams” and that’s exactly how this deliciously psyched up vape came to be. With 2 grams of our coined Trippy blend and a terpene combination to blow your mind, if you’re looking to snooze off of the “Snozz” then a few puffs of this Indica vape is all you need to blast off into the dream world. If you’re curious as to what Snozzberries tastes like, it happens to be eerily similar to Fruit Punch but with an added dash of out of this world deliciousness.


Trippy Blend - THCb, THCh, D6, D11, PHC


2 Grams

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

Psychedelic Series

One of the number one questions we get asked is “what are your strongest products?” Just as the name suggests, these are strong enough that they border on being psychedelic. We took the most insane blend of cannabinoids possible, coined the named Trippy Blend and pushed the boundaries of our collective consciousness. With an absolutely absurd 2 gram mixture of THCb, THCh, D6, D11 and PHC we developed three stand out disposable vapes. From a Fantasy Candy Factory, to the world’s most famous LSD strain, and a massive jug of popular sugary watery beverage screaming OH YEAH! We’ve got the experience so many of you have asked for.


We got high,
We liked it, here,
is why

Frequently asked questions

What makes the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series unique?

The Snozzberries Psychedelic Series stands out for its distinctive homage to one of the greatest dreamers in fiction, Wolly Winka. It captures the whimsy of his imaginative world with the taste of mythical Snozzberries and takes you on an imaginative journey with its potent Trippy Blend. It is an ode to creativity and exploration, neatly packed into a 2-gram vape. The strength of this blend borders on the psychedelic, offering a unique experience that pushes the boundaries of conventional vaping. Each puff invites you to a world of dreams and fascination, embodying Wolly Winka's ethos in a contemporary form.

What does the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series taste like?

The Snozzberries Psychedelic Series encapsulates the taste of a Fruit Punch with a surprising twist. The flavor is a wonderful blend of the familiar and the unexpected, making every puff a delightful mystery. As for the elusive Snozzberries, they taste exactly as they should - like snozzberries. The complexity of the flavor, which is both eerily familiar and tantalizingly unique, provides an exciting vape experience. An added dash of otherworldly deliciousness further enhances the allure of this intriguing flavor.

What is included in the Trippy Blend of the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series?

The Trippy Blend of the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series consists of a potent mixture of THCb, THCh, D6, D11, and PHC. This blend was developed to create a powerful, almost psychedelic vape experience. The unique combination of cannabinoids promises a rich, intense, and profoundly satisfying vape experience. The Trippy Blend is the backbone of the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series, delivering a flavor and effect as surreal and delightful as the fantasy world it seeks to embody.

How is the quality of the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series ensured?

At Indacloud, we prioritize quality and safety. The Snozzberries Psychedelic Series is no exception to this rule. Our products undergo multi-stage lab testing to ensure purity and potency before and after production. This rigorous testing procedure guarantees that every vape from the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series that reaches you meets the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to quality and safety is unwavering, ensuring you get the best vaping experience possible with every puff.

What are the effects of the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series?

The effects of the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series are varied. The carefully crafted Trippy Blend, with its unique mix of cannabinoids, offers a strong impact that can be described as bordering on the psychedelic. The blend facilitates a trip into a dream world, helping users unwind and explore their imagination. A few puffs of this Indica vape can lead to an experience of relaxation, euphoria, and enhanced creativity, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a potent yet enjoyable vape experience.

How is the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series packaged?

Indacloud's Snozzberries Psychedelic Series comes in a sleek and convenient disposable vape package. This portable design allows you to enjoy your vaping experience wherever you go. The discreet nature of the device means you can easily put it into your pocket or purse. Its 2-gram size is substantial enough to last for multiple uses, ensuring you can enjoy the rich, fruity flavors and potent effects of the Trippy blend for an extended period. The packaging quality reflects the product's high standard within, maintaining its potency and freshness until the very last puff.

Are there special instructions for using the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series?

The Snozzberries Psychedelic Series is designed for a straightforward vaping experience. You simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate the device. Please remember that due to its potent blend of cannabinoids, it's advised to start with a few puffs and wait to experience the effects before taking more. It's always best to use responsibly and in a comfortable setting, especially if you're new to vaping or are trying the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series for the first time.

Can I use the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series for medical purposes?

While many users enjoy the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series for its unique flavors and powerful effects, it's vital to remember that this product is intended for adult use and not explicitly designed for therapeutic purposes. Its blend of cannabinoids, including THCb, THCh, D6, D11, and PHC, might deliver some specific benefits associated with these compounds, such as relaxation and mood enhancement. However, it is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a healthcare professional or your doctor before using or buying any new product, especially if you have conditions or are taking other medications.

Where can I buy the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series?

The Snozzberries Psychedelic Series is available for purchase directly from the Indacloud website. Our secure and user-friendly online store ensures a smooth purchasing process, with detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to guide you. Add the item to your cart to order the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series, and follow the checkout process. Please note that you need to be of legal age to purchase and use this product.

Does the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series produce any side effects?

The Snozzberries Psychedelic Series, like all products containing cannabinoids, could potentially produce side effects in some users. These can include dry mouth, dizziness, and changes in appetite or mood. Due to its potent blend, the Snozzberries Psychedelic Series should be used responsibly, and first-time users should start slow. If you are experiencing severe side effects, stop using the vape and seek medical advice. Always remember that the effects can vary significantly between individuals based on factors like tolerance, physiology, and usage habits.