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Vape Battery


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This powerful and discreet vape battery is compatible with all of our cartridges, and other universal 510 accessories. Screw on your favorite Indacloud pre-filled cart and it’s ready to go. This vape comes with a USB charger for easy and quick convience. To use this vape battery , screw on your cart and then inhale. It’s that simple!





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Customer Reviews

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peter werp
Not received ;-(

Not received ;-(

Dale Linegar
no buttons to push

no buttons to push, pick it up, inhale, set down until you want to use again, in a minute or next week.....

Justin Anderson

I was hesitant to try it but boy am I happy! I’m very happy with the product! Helps me relax! I’ll keep using you all and recommending you all!!

I thought it would be bigger

I liked it hits different

Olivia Harris


Frequently asked questions

How do I use the Rechargeable Vape Battery from Indacloud?

Using the Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery is as simple as it is efficient. First, ensure your battery is fully charged for a maximum vaping experience. Then, screw on your preferred 510-compatible cartridge onto the battery. The universal design makes it easy to attach a variety of cartridges. To activate the vape, click the button five times in rapid succession. Once it's on, you're ready to enjoy a superior vaping experience. When you're done, you can turn it off using the same method - click the button five times swiftly. This feature conserves battery life and maintains safety by preventing accidental ignition.

What makes Indacloud's Rechargeable Vape Battery different from others in the market?

Indacloud's Rechargeable Vape Battery stands out due to its combination of power, compatibility, and convenience. Its robust and compact design allows for discreet use while ensuring a strong power output. The universal 510 compatibility widens your choice of cartridges, allowing you to personalize your vaping experience. Furthermore, the battery's design makes it easy to turn on, off, and adjust the heat settings. In addition, the USB charging feature simplifies recharging and offers a quick recharge time, minimizing downtime.

Is the Rechargeable Vape Battery compatible with all types of cartridges?

Absolutely! The beauty of the Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery is in its versatility. It is designed to be compatible with 510 thread cartridges. This universal design allows you to pick and choose from a wide range of cartridges, allowing you to customize your vaping experience as per your preferences. Whether it's an Indacloud pre-filled cart or another universal 510 accessories, our battery has got you covered.

How do I adjust the heat settings on my Rechargeable Vape Battery?

Adjusting the heat settings on your Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery is a seamless process. This is done by rapidly clicking the button three times. This unique feature allows you to personalize your vaping experience, enabling you to enjoy different flavors and intensity levels. By providing you with control over the heat settings, we ensure that every vape session meets your unique preferences.

How can I charge my Rechargeable Vape Battery, and how long does it take to charge fully?

Charging your Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery is a straightforward task. It comes with a USB charger, thus, you can plug it into any USB port for a quick and convenient charge. The time it takes to charge fully depends on the remaining battery life, but on average, a full recharge will take around two to three hours. To ensure the longevity of your vape battery, it's recommended to avoid overcharging it. Always disconnect the battery once it's fully charged.

Can I use the Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery while it's charging?

Although the temptation may arise to vape while your battery is charging, it is not recommended to do so. Using the vape battery while it's charging can potentially harm the battery's lifespan and overall performance. Moreover, it can interrupt the charging cycle, leading to decreased efficiency. It's best to allow your vape battery to fully charge before using it again. This practice ensures you enjoy the maximum output and longevity of your Indacloud rechargeable vape battery.

How long does the Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery last on a full charge?

The battery life depends mainly on the frequency and intensity of use. However, a fully charged Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery can last up to several days under regular use. The built-in power-saving feature that allows you to turn off the vape battery when not in use significantly extends the battery life, ensuring you can enjoy your vaping sessions without frequent interruptions for recharging.

What should I do if my Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery is not working?

Firstly, make sure your vape battery is fully charged. If it's charged and still not functioning, ensure the cartridge is properly attached. Sometimes, the issue might be a misalignment or improper cartridge attachment. If the battery still doesn't work, adjust the heat settings by rapidly clicking the button three times. In case you continue facing issues, please contact our customer support.

Are there any safety features included in the Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery?

Yes, the Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery includes several safety features. One notable feature is the ability to turn off the battery manually. You can turn off the battery when not in use by clicking the button five times, preventing unintentional activation and conserving battery life. Additionally, it is advised to avoid overcharging, which can harm the battery in the long term. Always disconnect the charger once your battery is fully charged.

How does adjusting the heat settings on the Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery affect my vaping experience?

Adjusting the heat settings on your Indacloud Rechargeable Vape Battery allows you to customize your vaping experience to your liking. Different heat levels can significantly impact the intensity and flavor of your vape. Lower heat settings typically result in a smoother and more flavorful hit, while higher heat settings can produce a stronger hit with more vapor. By offering this adjustability, we ensure you can tailor your vaping sessions to your specific preferences.