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  • -29% Minty Thins Delta 8 Cereal Treats 500 MG

    Minty Thins
    Delta 8 Cereal Treats
    500 MG

    Delta 8 Chocolate Budz

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  • -29% Snackers Delta 8 Cereal Treats 500 MG

    Delta 8 Cereal Treats
    500 MG

    Delta 8 Chocolate Budz

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  • -29% Muddy Budz Delta 8 Cereal Treats 500 MG

    Muddy Budz
    Delta 8 Cereal Treats
    500 MG

    Delta 8 Chocolate Budz

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    One of Each
    Delta 8 Cereal Treats
    1500 MG

    Delta 8 Chocolate Budz

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While your furry friends cannot eat chocolate, you have the luxury of enjoying chocolate bars in so many shapes and sizes. Delta 8 Chocolate can take your enjoyment of this delicious snack further. Delta 8 is an artificial extract from cannabis that has quite an interesting effect on the mind and body. Delta 8 THC has quite a history with CBD. While CBD emerged first as an herbal medicinal solution to many issues, Delta 8 THC bar emerged as a suitable substitute with a number of interesting uses. 

At some point in history, the use of cannabis drifted from being a herbal solution to medical issues and became more prominent in recreational usage. In recent years, there has been a movement to study the components of cannabis more closely, as both its beneficial and not-so-beneficial effects have been recognized. Due to this, CBD and THC products have become increasingly popular as remedies for various conditions. 

Now CBD gummies, oils, and the likes are in high demand, and one example of these products in demand is the Delta 8 chocolate. We will look at Delta 8 bar Chocolates and uncover all you need to know before choosing THC chocolate on the stands. 

What is Delta 8 chocolate?  

Cannabinoid delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC-delta-8), to be more specific, is a degraded form of THC that occurs typically in the cannabis plant in extremely trace amounts. It is similar to Delta 9, a substance found in cannabis plants that induce users to feel ‘high.’ Unlike Delta 9, though, Delta 8’s chemical makeup is slightly different from Delta 9, reducing the ‘high’ effect it has. This keeps the mind lucid and helps you take much more deliberate actions during the day. It comes in dark chocolate bars and is delicious while giving a well-intoxicating feeling.

Our Best Delta-8 THC Chocolates 

Have you ever tasted chocolate so good it kept you focused for the rest of the day? Look no further; the IndaCloud Delta 8 Chocolate bars are not just your ordinary chocolate bars. Infused with the Delta 8 THC, Delta 8 Chocolate edibles are delicious and can give you the slight ‘high’ that keeps your mind and body relaxed for the rest of the day.

These delectable morsels are composed of rice Krispie cereal treats that have been dipped in chocolate. They’re available in three unforgettable flavors and substantially impact mood maintenance.

These flavors are: 

  • Minty Thins Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate 500 Mg 
  • Snackers Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate 500 Mg 
  • Muddy Budz Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate 500 Mg

Each of these flavors has 10 chocolate budz per bag.

1.Minty Thins Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate 500 Mg 

Remember your typical girl scout cookies? We have amped it up a notch. Making this cookie into a delicious Delta 8 chocolate edible left us in a bind, but we are sure you will enjoy every bite. In addition, our Minty Thins Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate is incredibly effective at elevating your mood to a very high level. The Choco Budz collection’s most popular item is, without a doubt, this wonderful chocolate-minty goodness in the shape of everyone’s beloved nug. We are convinced that you will enjoy our Minty Thins flavored Chocolate Budz because we put a lot of love and Delta 8 into them.

2. Snackers Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate 500 Mg 

Our Snackers Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate has a familiar taste and retains all that a good snack bar should have. The flavors are mouthwatering, and their effect on the body is calming. When taken in the right dose, these THC-infused chocolate snackers can help you work up quite an appetite while keeping you active and focused. The packaging is cost-effective and convenient to carry around compared to similar chocolate snackers. These Snackers Cereals are ready to provide you with value for your money. You will definitely get a kick while enjoying these delicious Snackers.

3. Muddy Budz Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate 500 Mg  

Everyone’s childhood favorite, Muddy Buddy, or “Puppy Chow,” has been a part of America’s favorite snack, especially for growing kids. Bringing your childhood memories to life with Muddy Buddy as an adult will bring back memories of your childhood.

These snacks with a flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter have always been a hit, and they continue to be one because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter? Did I forget to mention that Muddy Budz Cereal Treats Delta 8 Chocolate also makes you extremely high? At this point, what could you possibly ask for more?

Dosing Delta-8 Chocolate 

Each package has a total of 500 mg, and it contains 10 edible buds that each have 50mg of our signature Delta 8 strain. 

Knowing that tolerance levels differ from person to person, a prescribed dose for beginners is necessary. Delta 8 THC chocolate bars might be chocolate goodness, but they can also get you high. 

If you’ve never tried Delta-8 chocolate before, we recommend starting with a half-square or a quarter-square. Don’t eat again for at least an hour (60 minutes). You are free to take more at a later time, but once you’ve consumed a square, there is no turning back. Consequently, it’s a good idea to begin cautiously. It’s easy to overlook that our chocolates aren’t “normal candy” due to their deliciousness. To that end, monitoring your intake and making any necessary adjustments based on your results is crucial.

Delta 8 Chocolate – Frequently Asked Questions

A: Most CBD and THC edibles work the same way as Delta 8 bars. Once it is ingested, the chocolate goes through the body’s digestive system. It then flows into the bloodstream and takes effect in the body.

Delta 8 chocolate edibles take longer before they begin their actions in the body due to the ingestion process as regular chocolate. It has a longer ‘high’ effect than other CBD and THC products.

A: Delta 8 edible chocolates require more time than smoking or vaping to enter the bloodstream because they must first pass through the digestive system. The time it kicks in also differs for individuals, as people have varying tolerance levels. 

 On average, the chocolate bars kick in about one and a half hours to two hours. Contrary to other methods of THC absorption, this one is relatively slow. The advantage is that the high it produces lasts far longer than with typical edibles or vaping. Even if you were to eat after taking our Delta 8 candy bars, you would still be high for a while. The average time the effects of the chocolate takes is about 5 to 6 hours.

A: Although taking Delta 8 chocolate bars might make you feel ecstatic and give you a high effect, the high from Delta 8 chocolate is significantly weaker than the high obtained from Delta 9.

A: Delta 8 edibles chocolate is a relatively new product on the market and getting one that is right for you might be tricky. But at Indacloud, we have made a range of Delta 8 edible chocolates that would appeal to your cravings. With our Delta 8 chocolates, you get to enjoy quality chocolate and a high that keeps you productive.

A: You don’t have to go too far if you are looking for a Delta 8 chocolate that’s perfect for you. 

Indacloud maintains its position as the undisputed leader in quality and testing throughout the industry. The standard of quality, purity, and flavor offered by Indacloud is exceptionally high. Every one of our goods is put through careful testing per the best industry standards. The chocolate produced by IndaCloud does not contain any impurities, residues, or undesirable additives. We provide the most solid and pure Delta-8 chocolate bars currently available on the market.

A: The federal government does not impose minimum or maximum ages for purchasing Delta 8 bars. Since delta-8-THC is considered a lawful hemp product, there are no regulations regarding who may purchase or possess it under federal law. Instead, each state sets its minimum age for purchasing Delta-8.

 Neither the federal government nor the states have consistently set a minimum legal age for purchasing Delta 8 THC chocolate. It is common for Delta-8 distributors to require their customers to be over 21 years of age.

A: IndaCloud is looking to expand sales across the country and has opened its stores to bulk buyers and wholesalers. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in being a wholesaler.