Delta 8 Diamonds And Sauce

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Many people are familiar with THC and CBD during cannabis discussions. The concept of delta 8 diamonds may be a bit confusing. It does not describe jewelry of any kind. Instead, it is a form of THC that is the “newest kid on the block.” 

Do you want to know more about the delta 8 diamonds? Let us dive in!

What are Delta 8 Diamonds?

Delta-8 diamonds are arguably the purest THC you can ever find. It consists of about 98% pure THC crystals combined with trace amounts of other terpenes and cannabinoids. They can be formed from THC crystals or CBD crystals.

The cannabis plant is processed to eliminate unwanted components and isolate a crystal that may be as small as refined sugar or as large as rock candy. Furthermore, terpenes are added to the crystal to add flavor to it. 

The delta 8 diamond typically consists of some grams of delta 8 distillate oil made from cannabinoid isolate. On the other hand, the isolate is a dense and highly pure waxy substance made up of CBC or CBD. Therefore, the delta 8 diamond combines two high concentrations of two different cannabinoids for more intense effects. 

How are the diamonds formed?

Delta 8 diamonds contain crystals like regular diamonds. The making of regular diamonds may take some thousands of years. However, delta 8 diamonds are formed in less time than the usual diamonds. 

A significant constituent of delta-8 diamonds is the terpene extract, a thick cannabis extract similar in consistency and color to honey. The process of obtaining diamonds can be natural. However, the final product’s speed of formation and purity may be difficult to control. Therefore, the process is controlled to be faster and the crystals produced are purer. 

The diamonds extracted from the process are then placed in residual terpene extract. At this stage, we are excited because the diamond is almost ready. The highly concentrated terpene extract is then harvested. Some individuals call them “sauce carts” and use them in vape cartridges. 

Two options are available on how to proceed with the diamonds. The first option is to use the diamonds with the residual terpene sauce still on them. Alternatively, the diamonds can be further refined to produce a more concentrated diamond.  The difference is comparable to that between refined sugar and turbinado sugar. Both sugars are very similar and can be used in the same way. However, the flavor is what sets them apart. The turbinado sugar has a natural and mild taste. Refined sugar, on the other hand, has more concentrated sweetness. 

How to Use Delta 8 Diamonds?

Are you excited about trying out the diamonds? Let us explore the two popular ways for you.


Vaping is arguably one of the top popular ways of using delta 8 diamonds. It involves inhaling the vapor of heated delta 8 diamonds, requiring a vape pen (either reusable or disposable) and a cartridge. 

Vaping is preferred because it is simple to use; you press and inhale it. There is no risk of it getting too hot or an open flame when using a vape pen. More so, vaping delta 8 significantly improves the taste. Therefore, vaping is a safe and convenient method of using delta 8 diamonds.


Dabbing is another popular method of using delta 8 diamonds that include vapor inhaling. Equipment like a dabbing tool, a torch lighter, and a dab rig is required to melt the diamonds before you can inhale the vapor.

Dabbing is a method of consuming delta 8 diamonds that is a bit complex. In addition, the process takes more time and costs more money. It is not the safest option because it involves an open flame. Although dabbing is a popular way of using delta 8 diamonds, it is not the most convenient method. 

Unlike vape pens that ensure the vapor is not too hot, dabbing puts the user at risk of scorching vapor. To dab, place the delta 8 diamonds on the dab tool and heat them with a torch lighter. When the diamonds are red hot, you let them sit for a minute to cool down a bit before inhaling. This is to prevent burning yourself with the vapor. 

Remember, the diamonds are concentrated. Therefore, the vapor entering your bloodstream is also concentrated, so you can immediately feel the effects. 

What is the Process for Making Delta 8 Wax?

Delta 8 THC wax is also referred to as dab. It resembles wax in appearance, with a sticky, opaque-like, yellow, glowing texture. Delta 8 THC wax is made through a process called extraction, which results in a pure product. However, the purity and potency are significantly influenced by the technique used in the extraction process. 

Extracting delta 8 wax requires technical expertise and expensive laboratory equipment. The core of the process involves converting delta 8 THC concentrate to wax under pressure and heat in a sealed chamber. 

First, CBD is extracted from hemp flowers. Several extraction methods are available, but CO2 extraction is clean and safe. Afterward, CBD is processed to produce delta 8 distillate. The concentrates produced depend on the manufacturing process’s temperature and pressure. 

The wax produced is a clean and pure material that can be vaped, dabbed in a rig, or infused into edibles.

Why is Indacloud Best to Buy Delta 8 Diamonds? 

Delta 8 diamonds are not properly regulated substances. Therefore, you must be careful before investing in any brand. Suppose you want to purchase quality delta 8 concentrate online. Indacloud is the store for you. 

Our mission is to make the world a better place by making people. Indacloud’s vision is to ensure everyone can access safe and affordable cannabis products. Our diamonds are from CBD, and the sauce is made from Delta 8.

In addition, delta 8 diamonds are certified by a third-party lab, and the COA (certificate of analysis) is available to the public. Therefore, you can always trust the quality and consistency of our delta 8 wax.

In addition, Indacloud sources its hemp from organic sources to ensure we deliver only the highest quality hemp. Whenever you are ready to buy delta 8 dabs online, do not hesitate to head over to our site to check out the variety of products.

Furthermore, you may be lucky to get something special on delta 8 dabs for sale on our website. 

Our Various Delta 8 Diamonds Sauce Products:

1.Strawberry Cough Delta 8 Diamonds

Strawberry cough is a strain designed to offer your senses the best experience. In addition, it provides an uplifting and euphoric high. They are made from the finest delta 8 sauces and a mix of cream, berry, and skunk notes. Now you can party and have all the fun you need. 

2.Sour Diesel Delta 8 Diamonds

Are you looking for a sativa dominant strain with the body-high associated with Indica? You should try our specially formulated delta 8 diamond sauce. Some individuals may confuse being sauced to mean getting drunk. Instead, it describes the feeling experienced when diamond dabs are smoked. It comes with a blend of spice, fuel, citrus, and skunk aroma. 

3.Blueberry Kush Delta 8 Diamonds 

Our blueberry Kush diamonds are made from an Indica strain, and you can taste the high notes of wild blueberry. This delta 8 diamonds sauce is the recipe for relaxing after a long day. It is packed with sweet and earthy flavors. 

Factors to consider when buying delta 8 diamonds

  • Third-Party Laboratory Analysis

Any reputable company in the industry that manufactures sells, or distributes delta 8 dabs must have a certificate of analysis from an independent lab. This is a quality assurance from an outside source on the raw and finished products associated with dabs for sale. The result will mention the potency, terpene, and cannabinoid profile of the delta 8 THC sauce. In addition, it reveals the presence of toxins in the dab diamonds. 

  • Source

It is essential to verify the source of the delta 8 wax. Hemp and marijuana are cannabis species that can produce delta 8 diamond sauce. However, only hemp is federally legal for use in creating delta 8 THC diamonds. Therefore, do not buy delta 8 dabs made from marijuana unless it is legalized in your state. 

In addition, the hemp MUST be verified organic to produce delta 8 dabs for sale. Genetically modified hemp could contain pesticides and herbicides that may be identified in the diamond dabs. 

  •  Observe the color of the wax or sauce

Avoid delta-8 concentrates that have opaque colors. Pure delta 8 distillate has an almost clear color. Delta 8 waxes have a rose-gold color, while sauces have amber color. Red, brown, or green colors may indicate impurities and potential toxins in diamond dabs.

  • Cost of delta 8 diamond dabs

Creating diamond dabs is complicated and requires lots of capital. It also requires highly skilled professionals working in a top-notch facility to produce diamond dabs. Therefore, pure and quality delta 8 THC dabs are expensive. Suppose a brand is advertising ridiculously cheap delta 8 diamond sauce. Be wary of ridiculous dabs for sale because they may contain some impurities.

Delta 8 Dabs – Frequently Asked Questions

A: Delta 8 dabs are good and incredibly strong. However, some low-quality ingredients can contain contaminants. Therefore, it is essential to buy from trusted brands like Indacloud. Before purchasing a product, refer to how to choose the best delta 8 dabs to get it right!

A: The first step in using delta 8 dabs is to get it to a high temperature. Once it produces the vapor, you know it is hot enough. Dabbing often involves a glass bong with a nail (a small bowl). The nail may be made from titanium or quartz, which is the part heated to vaporize the delta 8 dab to produce the vapor for inhalation.

Suppose you are using a lighter or blowtorch. Heat the bottom of the nail until it turns red. Alternatively, you can set the heat at about 347°F if you use an electric nail. Dabbing delta 8 Wax is a popular method because it has a fast onset (within 90 minutes) and a long duration (about 3-4 hours).


According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and its derivatives are legal. However, the legality of delta 8 dabs falls in a grey area. Cannabis derivatives are legal if made from the hemp plant and delta 9 THC content is less than 0.3%. 

Therefore, delta 8 dabs are legal if they are within the limits of the specification of the law. It is important to note that the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) does not approve delta 8 dabs.  

The legal status of delta 8 dab varies according to state laws. Therefore, it is essential to understand the standing of your state before purchasing or using delta 8 dabs to avoid committing a crime.

A: Delta 8 dabs contain about 50% – 95% of pure delta 8 THC distillate in combination with other terpenes and cannabinoids. Delta 8 dabs have a potency of about 60-90%. In addition, it has a bioavailability of 40-50%, depending on the brand.

A: Yes, it is safe to eat delta 8 wax. However, it is unpleasant to the taste buds due to its strong flavor and texture. In addition, without decarboxylation, you will not feel the effects. Therefore, eating delta 8 wax will not produce any of the promised effects. 

However, delta 8 wax can be infused after decarboxylation into recipes to make edibles.

A: Yes, you can dab delta 8 concentrates. Place a small portion of delta 8 concentrates on the dabbing tool. Heat the nail until red hot, then use the dabbing tool to place some delta concentrate on it. Inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece on the dab rig. Exhale the vapor slowly to promote maximum absorption into the bloodstream. Avoid touching the nail to prevent a burn because it will still be hot. 

A: Suppose you are looking for something stronger than CBD but less intense than delta 9. Delta 8 may be the ideal strength for you. Dabbing delta 8 gives a mellow high. The high individuals experience when taking delta 8 is comfortable and free from most of the unwanted effects associated with delta 9. 

The way you feel after taking delta 8 dabs depends on factors like experience and tolerance. Newbies will experience a high associated with euphoria and giddiness. However, veteran users may only experience a mildly relaxing high. The common side effects include red eyes, dry mouth, and intense hunger. 

A: Yes, vaping delta 8 wax is possible. Many cannabis users prefer vaping because of its convenience of use. In addition, vape pens are affordable, trendy, and a classy option for consuming delta 8 wax. 

The regular vapes are unsuitable for delta 8 wax because of their thick consistency. However, special vaping devices made for it does the job. The aim of the vapes is to flash-vaporize the concentrates. As a result, they readily melt dab diamonds and convert them into vapor.

A: No, smoking delta 8 wax is not toxic. However, smoking delta 8 wax may produce a potent effect but not intense enough to produce toxicity. Delta 8 waxes bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, making milder effects than delta 9.

Regardless, buying delta 8 wax from a reputable source is important. Delta 8 is not regulated; therefore, there is a possibility that they may contain some contaminants or higher levels of THC.

A: Delta 8 is tasteless- tastes neither particularly bad nor good. However, it gets its flavor from terpenes. Many brands add terpenes after extracting the delta 8 concentrates on improving the taste and aroma. However, most of the terpenes are removed in the process of obtaining it, which leaves delta 8 wax with a mild taste. 

Immediately discontinue the use of delta 8 dabs if it tastes or smells weird. Although old delta 8 dabs will not make you sick, they would have lost their potency.

A: Buying Delta 8 diamonds bulk may be tricky. Suppose you get the wrong brand-poor quality, poor taste, flavor, or low purity. You would be pretty pissed. However, if the opposite is the case, you will be thrilled and eager to have a party. Indacloud uses organic hemp grown in the United States. 

Be wary of ridiculous dabs for sale as they may contain impurities. On the other hand, our delta 8 diamonds are certified by a third-party lab, and the Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available to the public. Therefore, you can always trust the quality and purity of our delta 8 wax.

Suppose you want to enjoy delta 8 wax with high-level purity. Indacloud offers three varieties- Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, and Blueberry Kush. Each comes in 2 grams and contains Delta 8, CBD, and Terpenes.

Visit Indacloud today to get special offers and discounts on products.