Indica vs Sativa – What’s The Difference With Delta 8?

The difference between Indica and Sativa is said to be debatable. Did each species evolve naturally or did they evolve thanks to human cultivation? Is one better for daytime and the other better for night time? Does one energize and inspire creativity while the other induces sleep and relaxation?

In short, we’re still figuring out the answers to all these questions, and the debate over how to classify the plant species.

Sort of.

So far, scientific studies have yet to provide definitive and conclusive evidence that can answer the common questions, but there is a general consensus that exists about the difference between Indica vs Sativa that’s widely accepted by legal Cannabis users and distributors. When describing Indicaloud products, this is the consensus we generally agree with and

A Brief History of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are closely related, but have been classified as two different plant species entirely for centuries. Cannabis Indica plants are shorter and shrub-like whereas Sativa plants are taller and more tree-like. The leaves of the Indica plant are also broader whereas Sativa leaves are more long and narrow.

The indigenous origins of Cannabis is unknown but thought to be Eastern Asia, but both species have been so widely cultivated that many experts believe humans have influenced the evolution of the plants.

Cannabis Sativa was first classified in 1753 by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus with “Sativa” coming from Latin “sativum” meaning “things that are cultivated.” This is due to the fact that Cannabis Sativa has been cultivated since the beginning of recorded history and for many uses, including food, fiber, seed oil, and medicine as well as recreational and spiritual.

Cannabis Indica was classified later in 1785 by French botanist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck who had collected specimens from India. He described the difference in species much like we do today–Indica plants being short and broad and Sativa being tall and slim. The origins of Cannabis Indica are thought to be the Hindu Kush mountains in modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

The unique climate of the region is what affects the shape, growth, and properties of the plant, and It’s unclear whether cannabis was introduced to the region by humans or if it grew there naturally. In any case, the cultivation of these plants is not new, and we are rediscovering the natural benefits they can offer.

Indica Vs Sativa – The Effects and Hybrid Blends

The general consensus is that Sativa strains are more energizing and Indica strains are more relaxing or sedating. Many of our customers use Indica strains to help them relax or fall asleep, and Sativa strains are popular for daytime use–some people find they can help with focus, mood, and creativity.

Today cannabis cultivators intentionally breed their plants for certain properties, which may include more or less THC or CBD content, flowering times, tolerance to climate, and other factors.

When it comes to hybrid blends, the effects can vary, but you’ll often find that the effects “balance each other out” in the sense that with an Indica-dominant strain you enjoy the relaxing effects of Indica without falling asleep or getting “couch locked” and with a Sativa-dominant hybrid you can enjoy the stimulating effects of Sativa without bouncing off the walls.

Consumer demand has led to an explosion of countless types of hybrid blends, many of which may still be unknown to science and the legal cannabis industry. But because legal cannabis is so highly regulated, we are creating certainty around how our products at Indicaloud are made.

The biggest known difference we’ve made is reducing the risk of paranoia and intense psychoactivity by infusing our products with Delta 8 THC rather than Delta 9. While exact responses to cannabis vary from person to person, Delta 8 THC is a compound that reportedly has less intense effects than Delta 9.

Indica Vs Sativa – Final Thoughts

We still have a lot to learn, so take these insights as guidelines rather than rules, and always be sure to get to know how your body reacts to cannabis so that you can always have the best experience possible.

If you’re testing the waters of Delta 8 cannabis, try starting out with moderate doses of gummies or chocolates and see how you feel.

If you’re familiar with cannabis and want to try a great new product, try our flower and pre-roll promo package.

If you’re ready to dive right in, Delta 8 Moon Rocks or diamonds offer the most potent and powerful effects.

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