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THC-O Sugar Wax

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Sugar wax, also referred to as “sugar,” is a cannabis concentrate. It has a consistency that resembles wet, fully dissolved brown sugar granules. One of the purest marijuana products is sugar wax concentrate, which contains 60 to 90% THC. Its high THC content is often used to provide the “high” cannabis enthusiasts crave and look for.

Sugar Wax and shatter are produced with the same extraction method; hence, many people often need clarification about their differences. Sugar Wax is distinct from Shatter due to its surgical/grainy texture and consistency. It is rich in flavor, thicker, less messy, and easier to handle than other concentrates.

THC-O Sugar Wax Concentrates can be consumed the same way as most concentrates. Although dabbing is the most common way of consuming sugar wax, there are other ways, like inhaling its vapor (using a portable vaporizer or dab rig) or heating it. It can also be used as a bong, bowl, or pipe topper.

Our THC-O Sugar Wax Concentrate Products

THC-O-containing products are relatively new to the cannabis market, and it may be challenging to find a place to purchase the best THC-O products. At Indacloud, we provide you with the best THC-O products, including sugar wax concentrates. Our sugar wax concentrate products are not edible; they require the use of a vaping or smoking vessel to use them. Below are our best-selling products:

1.Melonade THC-O Sugar Wax

Melonade THC-O Sugar Wax gives you a breath of lemony happiness and a perfect product blend that prepares you for fun-filled daytime adventures. With Melonade, you experience the high you crave and a great time. A two-gram pack of Melonade contains one gram each of CBG and THC-O concentrates with unique terpenes ready to be vaped or smoked.

2. Bubba Kush THC-O Sugar Wax

The THC-O concentrate Bubba Kush THC-O Sugar Wax  is a good choice for teleporting you into a sweet experience. Bubba Kush is a powerful dab from the Indica-dominant strain with a diesel scent and a smooth cocoa flavor. Our hemp-derived Bubba Kush THC-O Sugar Wax contains one gram of CBG concentrate, one gram of THC-O concentrate, and terpenes in a two-gram pack.

3. Apple Fritter THC-O Sugar Wax

Apple Fritter THC-O Sugar Wax was made for you if you crave an intense high coupled with an unmistakable taste of apple on the inhale and vanilla on the exhale. With Apple Fritter, you can feel like it’s your first time getting high again. Like the two other flavors explained above, it comes in a two-gram pack containing one gram of CBG concentrate, one gram of THC-O concentrate, and terpenes in a two-gram package.


When it comes to any form of cannabis concentrate, including THC-O sugar wax, taking it slow is recommended. If you are ready to try sugar wax concentrates, why not start with the best? At Indacloud, our THC-O sugar wax concentrate products are made from hemp and include one gram of CBG, one gram of THC-O, and three distinctive terpenes.

All our sugar wax concentrates come in a two-gram pack, ready to be consumed by coating it on a joint and vaping, inhaling, or both with a dab ring or vape pen. Our products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production; hence, they are safe and trusted for consumption. Enjoy the intense high you crave with Indacloud’s THC-O sugar wax products.