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Grape Punch
Infused Hemp Wrap
2 Wraps

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We pursue perfected flavors to an extreme. These Grape hemp wraps pack a serious flavor punch uniting all grape lovers alike. As soon as you open up a pack of these wraps the smell alone will make you want to light one up right away. This will be the simplest way to improve any experience. Whether you’re smoking mids or quads, this is the right way to do it.


Natural flavors and terpenes


2 premium king-size hemp wraps

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

Hemp Wraps

The freshest, slowest burning, smoothest smoking, natural tasting, expertly crafted hemp wrap is here. Our Cream Hemp wraps are our passion project, after creating the best cannabis products we decided we need the best possible way to smoke them. We couldn’t stand seeing our customers putting our perfected flower into dry and unnatural hemp wraps so we did what we know how to do best. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your boss for god’s sake, these are the greatest hemp wraps ever and you’re about to bring your smoking game to a whole new level. We have 6 incredible flavors to choose from with 2 hemp wraps in every pack.

We got high,
We liked it, here,
is why

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Hard to choose..

They were all so yummy but my favorite is hands down Rainbow Sherbet!

Ethan Roppel
Definitely recommend

I’ve tried a lot of hemp wraps and these are definitely some of my favorite if not my go to, they smell/taste better than anything else I’ve ever tried by far no cap and they hit smooth like a blunt is supposed to. They also are a great price. They come with a filter which is just a prerolled tip that might be too small if you like big blunts like me, but if you wrap a regular sized one it works great. Flavors are amazing but not overwhelming.

L Ruth
Love A Tobacco-Free Blunt Wrap!

IndaCloud’s Cream Premium Hemp Wraps are my new favorite go-to wraps. I love that they include 2 filters for easier use and their flavor selections are very tasty.

Brittany Armstrong
Hemp Wraps are FUEGO!

I love the hemp wraps ! ALL the flavors are DELICIOUS !
Vanilla is my FAVORITE !

Not half bad at all!

To start, I heard of Indacloud via Reddit post with focus on the new terpene infused hemp wraps. Being slightly skeptical, I ordered 5 packs of the Rainbow Sherbet and 2 Grape Punch. Not a huge grape fan though I do know they can come through time to time. So I get the wraps (love the packaging btw lol) break a pack of each open to smell/taste test right. These Rainbow Sherbet wraps smell like concentrated pixie stix at first, in the pack. At this point, I got a little nervous, not gonna lie; '*sniff sniff* HOLY! ... of course... I bought 5 packs of this..' Meanwhile, the grape punch smell the most convincing. My second thought on the RS flavor: These got to have some botanical in them. So I wrapped a cannagar with the RS after a personal taste of the wrap itself (relieved; it tasted WAY more believable, not so candy-ish, as it smelled in the sleeve). Now, I still need to burn another regular roll up of this to really dare to compare BUT, I do really love the hemp wrap aspect. It did not leave my room smelling like a blunt the next day. In fact, I don't think the wrap itself heavily affected my flower at all and was indeed fresh yet not overpowering. I look forward to trying the grape as well as seeing more Terp infused variety in the future! The taste while smoking was mild, if that. And again, I really need to try just a regular roll of one of these to seek more out of the wrap flavor itself. Now I'm glad I got enough to try out.

Frequently asked questions

How many wraps are included in one pack of Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap?

Each pack of Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap from Indacloud contains two premium king-size hemp wraps. This quantity is perfect for those who enjoy rolling their own smokes and want a superior experience. The wraps are individually sealed for freshness, ensuring that each delivers the full flavor and smooth burn that Indacloud's hemp wraps are known for. Whether you're planning a quiet evening at home or a social gathering, a pack of these hemp wraps is sure to enhance your smoking experience.

How is the Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap different from regular hemp wraps?

The Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap stands out from regular hemp wraps in several ways. Firstly, it's infused with natural flavors and terpenes, providing a delightful grape punch flavor and enhancing the overall smoking experience. Secondly, these wraps are made from 100% premium natural hemp, ensuring a smooth and slow burn. Regular hemp wraps may not offer these additional flavor infusions and can vary in quality. Indacloud's commitment to quality and flavor innovation makes our Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap a superior choice for discerning smokers.

How should I use the Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap?

Using the Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap is a straightforward process. Start by carefully unpacking one of the wraps from its sealed packaging. Then, evenly distribute your chosen ground flower along the length of the wrap. Once your material is in place, roll the wrap around the flower, sealing it with moisture along the edge. The wrap is now ready to be smoked. Remember, the quality of your roll can affect the burn and overall experience, so take your time to ensure a well-rolled product.

Can I use the Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap with any type of flower?

The Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap is versatile and can be used with any type of flower. Whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid strains, this hemp wrap will complement your choice and enhance your smoking experience. The grape punch flavor and terpene infusion add a delightful twist to the natural flavors of your chosen flower, making for a unique and enjoyable smoke. It's a great way to customize your experience and explore different flavor combinations.

Is the Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap suitable for all types of smokers?

Yes, the Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap is suitable for all types of smokers, from novices to seasoned enthusiasts. The natural hemp material provides a smooth burn that's easy to handle, while the grape punch flavor and terpene infusion add a unique dimension to the smoking experience. Whether you're new to rolling your smokes or an experienced hand, these wraps offer a premium option that's both enjoyable and easy to use. As always, it's important to consume responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Are the Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps tobacco-free?

The Grape Punch Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps from Indacloud are 100% tobacco-free. They are made from premium natural hemp, providing a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco wraps. This makes them an excellent choice for smokers looking to avoid tobacco and its associated risks. Despite being tobacco-free, these hemp wraps do not compromise on flavor or smoking experience, offering a smooth burn and a delightful grape punch flavor.

Are there other flavors available for the Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap?

Yes, Indacloud offers a variety of flavors for the Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps. In addition to the Grape Punch flavor, you can also choose from other exciting options. Each flavor is crafted with the same attention to quality and flavor experience, ensuring a delightful and unique smoking experience regardless of your choice. The availability of different flavors allows you to customize your smoking experience and explore different taste profiles.