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One of Each
Infused Hemp Wrap
2 Wraps

$9.99 or $7.99 / month

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Our best offer possible one of each Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap with saving of more than 30%. This bundle and save offer contains 1x Blueberry, 1x Grape Punch, 1x Mango Smoothie, 1x Natural, 1x Rainbow Sherbert, 1x Vanilla.


Natural flavors and terpenes

Size (Each Pack)

2 premium king-size hemp wraps

Product quality

All products are multi-stage lab tested before and after production

Hemp Wraps

The freshest, slowest burning, smoothest smoking, natural tasting, expertly crafted hemp wrap is here. Our Cream Hemp wraps are our passion project, after creating the best cannabis products we decided we need the best possible way to smoke them. We couldn’t stand seeing our customers putting our perfected flower into dry and unnatural hemp wraps so we did what we know how to do best. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your boss for god’s sake, these are the greatest hemp wraps ever and you’re about to bring your smoking game to a whole new level. We have 6 incredible flavors to choose from with 2 hemp wraps in every pack.

We got high,
We liked it, here,
is why

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Hard to choose..

They were all so yummy but my favorite is hands down Rainbow Sherbet!

Ethan Roppel
Definitely recommend

I’ve tried a lot of hemp wraps and these are definitely some of my favorite if not my go to, they smell/taste better than anything else I’ve ever tried by far no cap and they hit smooth like a blunt is supposed to. They also are a great price. They come with a filter which is just a prerolled tip that might be too small if you like big blunts like me, but if you wrap a regular sized one it works great. Flavors are amazing but not overwhelming.

L Ruth
Love A Tobacco-Free Blunt Wrap!

IndaCloud’s Cream Premium Hemp Wraps are my new favorite go-to wraps. I love that they include 2 filters for easier use and their flavor selections are very tasty.

Brittany Armstrong
Hemp Wraps are FUEGO!

I love the hemp wraps ! ALL the flavors are DELICIOUS !
Vanilla is my FAVORITE !

Not half bad at all!

To start, I heard of Indacloud via Reddit post with focus on the new terpene infused hemp wraps. Being slightly skeptical, I ordered 5 packs of the Rainbow Sherbet and 2 Grape Punch. Not a huge grape fan though I do know they can come through time to time. So I get the wraps (love the packaging btw lol) break a pack of each open to smell/taste test right. These Rainbow Sherbet wraps smell like concentrated pixie stix at first, in the pack. At this point, I got a little nervous, not gonna lie; '*sniff sniff* HOLY! ... of course... I bought 5 packs of this..' Meanwhile, the grape punch smell the most convincing. My second thought on the RS flavor: These got to have some botanical in them. So I wrapped a cannagar with the RS after a personal taste of the wrap itself (relieved; it tasted WAY more believable, not so candy-ish, as it smelled in the sleeve). Now, I still need to burn another regular roll up of this to really dare to compare BUT, I do really love the hemp wrap aspect. It did not leave my room smelling like a blunt the next day. In fact, I don't think the wrap itself heavily affected my flower at all and was indeed fresh yet not overpowering. I look forward to trying the grape as well as seeing more Terp infused variety in the future! The taste while smoking was mild, if that. And again, I really need to try just a regular roll of one of these to seek more out of the wrap flavor itself. Now I'm glad I got enough to try out.

Frequently asked questions

What flavors are included in the Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap Bundle?

The Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap Bundle features an exciting selection of six distinct flavors, carefully curated to enhance your smoking experience. In each bundle, you'll receive one pack each of Blueberry, Grape Punch, Mango Smoothie, Natural, Rainbow Sherbert, and Vanilla. These flavors are infused with natural terpenes, adding a delightful twist to your smoking sessions. Whether you prefer a fruity burst, a mellow taste, or a classic flavor, this bundle has something for every discerning smoker. Indulge in the rich essence of Blueberry, the zesty kick of Grape Punch, the tropical vibes of Mango Smoothie, the pure and unadulterated Natural flavor, the whimsical blend of Rainbow Sherbert, or the comforting notes of Vanilla. With this diverse range of flavors, you can switch up your smoking experience and enjoy a variety of delightful tastes with each pack.

How many hemp wraps are there in each Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap Bundle?

Every pack of the Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps contains two premium king-size hemp wraps. This ensures you have ample high-quality wraps to pair with your favorite herbs or cannabis products. The two wraps in each pack allow you to share the smoking experience with a friend or enjoy consecutive sessions without worrying about running out. Plus, the king-size design provides the perfect space for rolling your preferred smoking material, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoke every time. So, with each bundle, you'll receive twelve individual hemp wraps, allowing you to savor the flavor of each unique terpene-infused wrap.

Are these hemp wraps made from 100% natural hemp?

Yes, the Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps are crafted from 100% premium natural hemp, offering a pure and authentic smoking experience. We take great pride in sourcing the finest quality hemp material, ensuring that each wrap is free from harmful chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients. Our commitment to using 100% natural hemp guarantees that you can enjoy a clean and smooth smoking session without tobacco or other synthetic substances. Embracing the natural essence of hemp ensures you can fully appreciate the flavors of your chosen smoking material, enhancing your overall enjoyment and satisfaction with each puff.

Are these hemp wraps tobacco-free?

Absolutely! The Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap is entirely tobacco-free, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a tobacco-less smoking experience. We recognize the growing demand for healthier alternatives in the smoking industry, and that's why our hemp wraps are crafted without any tobacco content. Instead, we focus on delivering the purest hemp wraps infused with natural flavors and terpenes, ensuring a more authentic and enjoyable smoking session. Our tobacco-free hemp wraps are the perfect option for individuals who seek a cleaner and more natural smoking option, allowing you to savor the authentic flavors of your preferred herbs or cannabis products without any unwanted additives.

How long do these hemp wraps burn?

The Terpene Infused Hemp Wrap is expertly crafted to offer the freshest, slowest burning experience possible. The precise burn time may vary slightly depending on individuals' specific smoking conditions and techniques. However, on average, these hemp wraps provide a smooth and consistent burn for an extended duration, allowing you to enjoy your smoking session without worrying about frequent relighting. Our dedication to creating slow-burning wraps ensures you can appreciate your smoking material's full flavors without any harsh or uneven burning. With the Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps, you can elevate your smoking game to a new level and enjoy longer, more satisfying sessions with each wrap.